Second Time Around

On the heels of Tara’s revelation, Cassie moves into the dining room to set the table for her guests. Linda, who’s still staying at Grey House, is at the table working on her laptop, surrounded by paperwork. Seeing Cassie preparing to serve dinner reminds Linda that she needs to go get dinner ready for ‘her boys.’ As she prepares to go pick up the takeout she’ll be serving, she thanks Cassie for “giving her family some space.” Linda then goes on to explain that his mother’s presence is making things better for Nick and that having both of his parents around is helping him adjust. She then tells Cassie that she’s so glad they agree that Cassie will take care of her family and Linda will take care of hers. Through her thinly veiled politeness Linda’s point is clear: Linda has no intention of being replaced by Cassie.

At the bistro a stunned Stephanie explains to Abigail the ridiculousness of her suggestion that Stephanie take her on as a partner. Abigail only just started working for Stephanie and her previous restaurant experience is limited. Abigail tells Stephanie that the entire idea was Cassie’s, something Stephanie finds hard to believe. Plus, with an investor willing to help Stephanie expand her business, she really needs Abigail to help keep things running smooth at the bistro. Much to Stephanie’s surprise, Abigail accepts that’s she’s lost this round and for the moment, relents on the idea.

The next day, Cassie nervously prepares to give Grace her first driving lesson. It’s special for Cassie and Grace because this moment is one that Grace’s father would have loved. Grace is confident she can master the rules of the road and has studied the driving manual from front to back. But once the car starts to move, the lesson quickly turns into a disaster. Cassie’s nerves and Grace’s overconfidence result in an argument over the proper distance a driver must keep from a bicyclist. While they argue Grace loses focuses and nearly rear-ends another car. Just a few minutes into the lesson Grace angrily turns off the car, hands the keys to Cassie and tells her mother, “I’m going to turn in my learner’s permit and buy a bus pass.”

Later that night at the bistro, Brandon and Tara show up for date night. This evening Tara let Brandon choose the movie, the restaurant, and the dessert. Brandon is certain something is up and, unable to hide the secret any longer, Tara sits him down and tells her that she might be pregnant. Brandon assumes she’s joking at first, but the look on Tara’s face tells him she’s not joking. They both admit that are totally freaked out by the possibility of becoming parents. But, since Tara hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy, they take a deep breath and decide to hope for the best.