Say it With Candy

Later on at that day, Brandon and Tara spot Martha and Tom and instantly go into hiding, but it doesn’t work. Martha finds them and calls them over. Brandon and Tara are relieved to hear that the fight they witnessed while over for dinner wasn’t a big deal. In fact, Martha and Tom joke that they have a word for married couples that don’t fight: Divorced! Both couples laugh and realize bickering is good for couples to keep the spark alive.

At the flower shop, Abigail still has customers demanding chocolate. Finally, she comes clean and says the chocolates aren’t magical at all. With the sales of her “special” chocolate dwindling, she has to let Grace go. In fact, Abigail tells Grace she is totally fine with the slower business because all her customers were exhausting.

Sam stops by Grey House that evening and finds an old guitar from the attic lying around. He picks it up and starts playing a tune as Cassie watches. He invites her to sit next him and teaches her some chords.

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