Say it With Candy

Sam and Liam stop by Grey House for breakfast. Liam lets Cassie know that he is looking for two bedrooms for himself and his son while he searches for a permanent place to live in Middleton. He is in luck because Cassie is about to have two bedrooms at Grey House available!

Abigail and Cassie are at the bistro having lunch when Martha and Tom stop by to thank Cassie for her marital advice. They say their nightly walks Cassie suggested were just what they needed to put some fresh air into their marriage. Just as Martha and Tom leave, Stephanie comes by voicing her frustration about how nitpicky the new health inspector is. Cassie assures her everything will work out. Meanwhile Abigail admires Cassie’s ability to care about everybody’s problems and wonders if she starts doing the same, her own business will pick up. Later on, Stephanie stops by the flower shop to pick up flowers, but Abigail convinces her to try some of her chocolates.

The next day, Abigail is strolling down the street and spots Martha and Tara window shopping. She recommends they stop by the shop and pick up chocolates for their husbands. Both Martha and Tara love the idea and tell her they plan on doing just that. They also make sure to tell her they love this new helpful demeanor of hers.

Back at the bistro, Stephanie charms the health inspector and he agrees there is nothing more to see and gives his approval. Sam notices the exchange and Stephanie tells him she doesn’t know what came over her, but she obviously said the exact right thing. Sam jokes that maybe there is some magic in Abigail’s chocolate.

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