Say it With Candy

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Sam and Liam stop by Grey House for breakfast. Liam lets Cassie know that he is looking for two bedrooms for himself and his son while he searches for a permanent place to live in Middleton. He is in luck because Cassie is about to have two bedrooms at Grey House available!

Abigail and Cassie are at the bistro having lunch when Martha and Tom stop by to thank Cassie for her marital advice. They say their nightly walks Cassie suggested were just what they needed to put some fresh air into their marriage. Just as Martha and Tom leave, Stephanie comes by voicing her frustration about how nitpicky the new health inspector is. Cassie assures her everything will work out. Meanwhile Abigail admires Cassie’s ability to care about everybody’s problems and wonders if she starts doing the same, her own business will pick up. Later on, Stephanie stops by the flower shop to pick up flowers, but Abigail convinces her to try some of her chocolates.

The next day, Abigail is strolling down the street and spots Martha and Tara window shopping. She recommends they stop by the shop and pick up chocolates for their husbands. Both Martha and Tara love the idea and tell her they plan on doing just that. They also make sure to tell her they love this new helpful demeanor of hers.

Back at the bistro, Stephanie charms the health inspector and he agrees there is nothing more to see and gives his approval. Sam notices the exchange and Stephanie tells him she doesn’t know what came over her, but she obviously said the exact right thing. Sam jokes that maybe there is some magic in Abigail’s chocolate.

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Grace and Cassie are cleaning out the attic and donating old musical instruments to the school. Abigail comes home after an exhausting day and tells the two of them her chocolates are selling like crazy and she needs help. She asks if Grace can take an after-school job at the shop and Grace is excited to start.

Back at Grey House, Grace and Nick are doing homework when Liam and his son Noah stop by to move in. Nick gives his old pal Noah the cold shoulder and abruptly leaves. Both Liam and Grace are shocked by the reaction. The next day, Sam checks in on Liam at the brewery and points out the odd interaction between Nick and Noah the night before. Sam says maybe there has just been too much time that has passed since the last time they hung out.

Back at Abigail’s Flower Shop, she is continuing to sell her chocolates like crazy with Grace’s help. Nick stops by and Grace wants to know more about his strained friendship with Noah. He tells Grace that she doesn’t know the real Noah and she should stay clear.

Later that night, Sam and Cassie have a date night at the brewery and Liam joins in and jokes about the dirt he has on Sam. When Sam takes off to buy another round of drinks, Liam lets Cassie know about Sam’s guitar talent, news she is surprised to hear.

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Abigail’s Flower Shop is booming with people in line to buy chocolate. Cassie stops by to say hi and runs into Liam, who is checking out another local small business in Middleton. Liam then sets his sights on Abigail and asks her out. She tells him she is not into dating right now, but he points out that he only wants to take her out to talk business. The two agree to meet up after Liam gets settled into Grey House.

During breakfast at Grey House, Grace invites both Sam and Nick to join in with Grace, Cassie, Noah and Liam. Once Nick sees Noah, he takes an apple to go. Still unsure of what started their rift, Grace asks Sam if he and Nick are available for a group dinner that night, he accepts the offer.

Back at Cassie’s store, Martha stops by and points out that there the place is completely empty and offers to buy something frivolous out of guilt since she spends all her time buying chocolate from Abigail’s shop. Cassie doesn’t seem to mind of the slower business.

Back at Abigail’s store, Tara stops by looking for a gift to bring for her and Brandon’s double date with Martha and Tom. Abigail suggests more of her chocolates and Tara is surprised the shop hasn’t sold out, yet. What Tara doesn’t know is that Abigail did sell out and went to the local grocery store and purchased different chocolates, but placed them the same wrapping, hoping her customers wouldn’t notice. Tara and Brandon arrive at Martha and Tom’s and Martha immediately notices the chocolate doesn’t taste the same. When Martha asks Tom to bring out their good silver tray from their 25th wedding anniversary, Tom admits that he sold it at their garage sale, thinking they didn’t need it anymore. The two begin bickering in front of Tara and Brandon, creating awkwardness for the couple.

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Before dinner, Cassie meets Sam at his house and she notices his old guitars laying out. She asks if he is ever going to play, again and he says maybe someday when the mood strikes him. Cassie lets him know she hopes that mood is someday soon. Later on at the brewery, Sam and Liam grabs some alone time to talk about their past relationships. Liam ribs Sam for once saying he would never fall in love again, and here he is with Cassie. Sam tells Liam that he may have fallen in love but he will never get married again.

Highlights - The Beach House Incident - Good Witch

Later on at dinner at Grey House, Sam addresses Noah and Nick’s strained friendship. Tensions arise between the two and Nick brings up an incident at a beach house back in Long Island. Sam shares that right before he and Nick moved to Middleton, Nick broke into a beach house in Long Island with some friends and vandalized it. That was his sign it was time to move out of New York. What Sam and Liam never knew was that it was Noah’s original plan and he ran when the cops showed up and let Nick take the fall.

The next morning the health inspector lets Stephanie know the bistro will pass his latest inspection with flying colors, in fact, she handled every curve ball he threw at her. Now he can’t wait to take his friends there to try the food. Stephanie tells Abigail that she credits her chocolates for giving her the confidence this whole time. Abigail is happy to hear she can help.

Nick and Grace are walking to school and Noah catches up with them. Nick is upset at Noah’s arrival and takes off. This gives Noah and Grace a chance to talk. Noah jokes that he is jealous of Nick in the long run because he gets to live next door to Grace and smiles. The comment catches Grace off guard.

Highlights - The New Boy in Town - Highlights

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Later on at that day, Brandon and Tara spot Martha and Tom and instantly go into hiding, but it doesn’t work. Martha finds them and calls them over. Brandon and Tara are relieved to hear that the fight they witnessed while over for dinner wasn’t a big deal. In fact, Martha and Tom joke that they have a word for married couples that don’t fight: Divorced! Both couples laugh and realize bickering is good for couples to keep the spark alive.

At the flower shop, Abigail still has customers demanding chocolate. Finally, she comes clean and says the chocolates aren’t magical at all. With the sales of her “special” chocolate dwindling, she has to let Grace go. In fact, Abigail tells Grace she is totally fine with the slower business because all her customers were exhausting.

Highlights - Guitar Lessons - Good Witch

Sam stops by Grey House that evening and finds an old guitar from the attic lying around. He picks it up and starts playing a tune as Cassie watches. He invites her to sit next him and teaches her some chords.