Running Scared

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A tired traveler cautiously approaches Grey House. Cassie appears from the shadows and welcomes the woman. She ushers her inside and gets her a room for the night.

Sam is outside looking for Nick when Cassie tells him that his son is at Grey House having breakfast. Sam confides in Cassie that he and Nick have had a rough couple of weeks and that Nick is actually grounded. Cassie asks Sam if he has ever tried meditation and he confirms that he has not - he prefers running to work off the caffeine and stress of being a single parent. Cassie just smiles.

Over breakfast, Cassie introduces Ashley, the new guest at Grey House to Brandon. She is skittish, and says she will pay for her room in cash. Additionally she says her plans have changed and that she may not be staying long. Cassie insists that she stop by the Bell, Book and Candle before she leaves town.

Ryan is having trouble with his knee, and stops by Sam’s office to see if he can help. They compare their running accomplishments. Sam makes it clear that he will not be participating in the upcoming 10k. Derek stops at Cassie’s shop looking for help in the dating department. She assures him that soon a vacancy in his life will be filled and Derek is relieved. A visiting man stops by too, and tells Cassie that he met his wife in Middleton many years ago. He tells Cassie that he is in town to run the 10k in honor of his wife, who has passed away. He turns away to browse and Ashley enters the store. She and the man exchange a curious glance, and Ashley leaves in a hurry, telling Cassie that she will see her back at the house. Cassie asks the man if he has seen Grey House, and urges him to stop by and visit.

Meanwhile at the courthouse, Martha and Derek set up the banner for the Heritage Festival Ball and 10k Run. Martha needs it to look majestic because she has plans for more festivals to come to Middleton! Later, Martha sees Sam running and calls him over. They discuss the 10k and Martha declares she does not run in the race; she only officiates and hands out medals. On her own, she decides Sam has challenged her to run in the race and she will do so!

Back at the shop, the man from out of town appears again and Cassie asks him if he wants to know more about Ashley. She asks if he knows Ashley, and he admits to knowing someone like her. Cassie suggests some comfort food at the Bistro may be just what he needs. At the café, the man shows Stephanie a photo of Katherine, his daughter, and shares that he has not spoken to her in years. Just then Ashley appears at the café and orders a coffee. Stephanie looks again at the photo and glances at Ashley. Is there a resemblance?

Sam gets a call to come and see Stephanie about her knee. She welcomes him into the house and Sam comments on how she is his first housecall – ever. It becomes obvious that she is trying to romance him and does not actually have a sore knee. Sam is about to leave when Stephanie insists he stay for some appetizers and a glass of wine. He reluctantly agrees to stay.

Later at the café, Ryan and Cassie enjoy a dinner together. Cassie insists on paying the bill and they talk about how glad they are for their friendship. The conversation turns to Sam. Ryan thinks that Sam is not long for the town--a city boy like him won’t stick around. Derek approaches Ashley at the café and it is clear that he is interested in getting to know more about her.

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