At Sam’s office, Grace has reached her wit’s end, but Eve is still convinced they can restore the office systems to normal. Thanks to Eve’s rolodex they have the patient contacts but Grace still can’t find the appointment calendar. Calmly Eve goes search the desk and as does, she stumbles over the recycling bin. Sitting on top of the bin is the sheet of paper where Eve had written the calendar. Relieved, Grace tells Eve how grateful she is that Eve was there to save the day. Just then Sam comes into the office to report that they system is back up and running. He’s impressed that Grace and Eve were able to fix the system without any disruptions in the office. As Eve leans over to answer the phone Sam whispers to Grace that he knows what she did. She smiles and tells Sam that Eve did it all. He flashes a smile and tells her, “You really are your mother’s daughter, aren’t you.” Sam leaves and Grace says to herself, “I am.”

Across town at the high school, Sam enters a classroom to talk about study abroad with Nick’s teacher Greg. Despite Nick’s excitement, Sam still has a lot of misgivings and is concerned that Nick is more interested in the freedom and not in education. Sam is also frankly unsure that Nick is mature enough to make the right decisions on his own. Greg assumes Sam is referring to the trouble Nick got in when his family was still living in New York. Sam is surprised to hear that Nick opened up to his teacher about his family and about his troubled past. Greg offers to talk to Nick about his father’s concerns, but Sam knows he needs to handle this himself. Sam feels Nick still needs structure in order to continue the gains he’s made since moving to Middleton and Sam is unwilling to see Nick lose all progress he’s made. Before leaving Sam tells Greg that he knows he’s trying to help, but for now, Nick’s future is in Middleton with his dad.

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