Back at Cassie’s shop, Martha enters seeking relief from a terrible migraine. Since she told Michael she wouldn’t give him the $50,000 to start his business, he’s refused to talk to her, leaving Martha beside herself. She’s decided that when she gets home, she’s just going to write Michael the check and be done with the entire thing. At that moment Cassie remembers that she grabbed George’s keys by mistake and she asks Martha to drop them off at Grey House. Despite her busy schedule Martha can never say no to Cassie.

Nearby, Alexis walks into Abigail’s flower shop, looking for a way to repay her debt. Still angry, Abigail tells her that she is less forgiving than her cousin. Just then Alexis’ handsome brother Greg walks and immediately catches Abigail’s eye. Greg asks his sister if she’s leaving. Before Alexis can responds, Abigail tells Greg no. Abigail slyly looks at Alexis and tells her that she just booked a last minute wedding and that she needs Alexis’ help arranging centerpieces. Alexis goes to work de-thorning roses while Abigail takes the opportunity to get to know Greg a little better.

Back at Sam’s office, as Grace goes turns on the computer to adjust a schedule, the screen turns blue and the entire system crashes. She and Eve give each other a panicked look. When Sam asks for his schedule they calmly explain that the computer is down. He asks for a hard copy and Eve flawlessly recites from memory the entire schedule, saving the day. Grace turns to Eve and asks what to do. Eve says she can handle most of it, but Grace has to call the computer repairman to so they can get everything back to normal.