Not Getting Married Today, Part 2 Episode Recap

Sam arrives at Cassie’s hotel searching for her. He ends up booking a room, in hopes of surprising Cassie when he sees her.

The next morning, Sam heads to the lobby and finds Cassie, who welcomes him with a hug. He tells her he knows that things are complicated, but she stops him and says she is ready to just live in the moment when it comes to their relationship.

While at the Bistro, Martha purchases a muffin and finds a Chinese coin underneath the tray. She says that maybe it will bring her good luck. Just then a delivery arrives to the Bistro of containers filled with live lobsters that Elizabeth ordered for the wedding.

Sam and Cassie pay Olympia a visit at her book store. Sam takes a second to look around at the bookstore in search of one about Episodic Ataxia.

Back in Middleton, Elizabeth introduces Mike and Vanessa to the horse and carriage they will be riding in for their wedding. Vanessa speaks up that this wasn’t what she and Michael wanted; they just wanted a simple ceremony. In fact, now she doesn’t want to get married in Middleton at all!

The next morning, Cassie comes home to find Elizabeth getting ready to leave Grey House. She tells Cassie that the wedding is off and wants advice from Cassie on how to spend her remainder of time. Cassie recommends taking a journey across the footbridge near Eternity Creek.