Not Getting Married Today, Part 2 Episode Recap

Nick, Noah and Grace are walking home from school. When Noah takes off, it gives Nick and Grace a chance to talk, and Grace learns that Nick has been thinking about breaking up with Courtney. Grace is surprised that Nick hasn’t actually brought his feelings up with Courtney and she encourages him to be honest with his girlfriend.

At Grey House, Sam pays Cassie a visit and is surprised with how distant she is. He calls her out on her odd behavior and Cassie comes clean and says Joanne told Cassie about Sam never wanting to get married again. Sam says he knows he isn’t good at marriage and he wouldn’t want to hurt Cassie. Cassie admits that now that she knows Sam’s stance on marriage, it makes their relationship feel different.

The next day, Michael and Vanessa stop by Cassie’s shop to talk about their wedding plans. A small jewelry box catches Vanessa’s eye. When she opens it, she finds a pile of coins from Cassie’s travels. Cassie explains that it is a Middleton wedding tradition to take a coin and toss it off the footbridge the day before getting married for good luck.

Courtney meets Nick at the coffee shop and she is already dismayed by Nick’s distant behavior. Nick tells Courtney there is something he wants to tell her, but before he can break up with her, she invites him to a friend’s party and he accepts the invitation.

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