Not Getting Married Today, Part 1

Noah and Grace spend time at the park catching up. Grace starts opening up about her father and reveals that she was only 11 when he died. She shares that she used to go to the same park with him, and he would give her yellow daisies to make her smile.

Joanne is having dinner with Sam but admits she is not all that hungry. Sam wants to let his sister know he has noticed her fatigue and her lack of appetite. She comes clean and admits she was recently diagnosed with episodic Ataxia, and even though it is not fatal, it is degenerative and she admits she has already felt weakening in her muscles. Sam vows to help in any way he can.

At the flower shop, Abigail is surprised when Pavla shows up. She calls Grey House to have Cassie let Pavla’s parents let her know where their daughter is. Abigail makes a call to Grey House in search of Pavla’s parents. Pavla points out that they are not her real parents. Abigail reminds Pavla that even though they aren’t her real parents, they still care about her and Pavla can still can keep her memories of her real parents in her heart. Just then, Pavla’s parents come dashing into the shop, relieved to see their daughter. Abigail is pleased to see Pavla grab both her parents’ hands.