Not Getting Married Today, Part 1

Cassie greets a young girl, Pavla, hiding in the bushes at Grey House. Pavla’s adoptive parents track their daughter down and the family tells Cassie they will be staying at Grey House for a few days. Cassie immediately notices the distance the young girl shows to her new parents.

Later, Grace is at the coffee shop and runs into Nick and Courtney. Nick wants to know who Grace keeps texting and she says it's Noah, since he is in New York visiting his mother. Nick and Courtney tell Grace they are running late for their date at the movies and take off.

Martha shows up at Grey House with her son and her future daughter-in-law to talk wedding plans. Michael and Vanessa tell Martha they want a small wedding, so Middleton seemed like the best place. Martha still wants to make all the arrangements, despite Michael’s protests. Martha promises to keep it low key.

Sam’s sister, Joanne makes a surprise visit to the clinic after years of being out of the country traveling. She is curious about Sam’s love life, so he invites her to dinner that night to meet Cassie.

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