Not Getting Married Today, Part 1

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Cassie greets a young girl, Pavla, hiding in the bushes at Grey House. Pavla’s adoptive parents track their daughter down and the family tells Cassie they will be staying at Grey House for a few days. Cassie immediately notices the distance the young girl shows to her new parents.

Later, Grace is at the coffee shop and runs into Nick and Courtney. Nick wants to know who Grace keeps texting and she says it's Noah, since he is in New York visiting his mother. Nick and Courtney tell Grace they are running late for their date at the movies and take off.

Martha shows up at Grey House with her son and her future daughter-in-law to talk wedding plans. Michael and Vanessa tell Martha they want a small wedding, so Middleton seemed like the best place. Martha still wants to make all the arrangements, despite Michael’s protests. Martha promises to keep it low key.

Sam’s sister, Joanne makes a surprise visit to the clinic after years of being out of the country traveling. She is curious about Sam’s love life, so he invites her to dinner that night to meet Cassie.

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Noah returns from New York and grabs coffee with Grace. He fills her in on his not-so-pleasant trip visiting his mom and step-dad. Grace finds this the perfect time to tell Noah she missed him while he was gone. He smiles and tells Grace he missed her, too.

Later that evening, Nick, Sam, Joanne, Cassie and Grace all go to dinner. Cassie and Joanne connect while talking about their mutual love for Thailand. Sam is surprised to hear that Joanne doesn’t have any immediate plans to leave Middleton, saying she is taking her traveling schedule day by day.

Cassie, Joanne and Sam grab coffee at the Bistro, where Joanne meets Stephanie. Joanne and Sam take off and Cassie is approached by Martha, who wants Stephanie to go overboard on a giant and colorful cake for her son’s wedding. Cassie reminds Martha to keep it simple, at the request of Michael and Vanessa. Martha reluctantly changes the order to keep the cake white and basic. Later that day, Martha meets with Michael and Vanessa, who are pleasantly surprised that Martha has kept the wedding planning to a minimum. Their gathering gets a surprise visitor: Vanessa’s mother, Elizabeth, who arrived days earlier to help plan the upcoming nuptials. Martha is shocked to see just how opinionated Elizabeth is when it comes to the wedding.

Earlier in the day, Abigail found Pavla hiding in a closet at Grey House. The two bond a bit and Pavla falls in love with Abigail’s earrings that she got as a gift from Cassie. Abigail ends up loaning the earrings to the little girl. Later on at the coffee shop, Pavla finds Abigail drinking coffee. Pavla's father asks if Abigail can watch Pavla while he and his wife order their coffee and she agrees. Abigail gets to know the little girl more when the two share that neither has their real parents around anymore. Abigail compliments Pavla on how good her earrings look on her.

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Noah and Grace spend time at the park catching up. Grace starts opening up about her father and reveals that she was only 11 when he died. She shares that she used to go to the same park with him, and he would give her yellow daisies to make her smile.

Joanne is having dinner with Sam but admits she is not all that hungry. Sam wants to let his sister know he has noticed her fatigue and her lack of appetite. She comes clean and admits she was recently diagnosed with episodic Ataxia, and even though it is not fatal, it is degenerative and she admits she has already felt weakening in her muscles. Sam vows to help in any way he can.

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At the flower shop, Abigail is surprised when Pavla shows up. She calls Grey House to have Cassie let Pavla’s parents let her know where their daughter is. Abigail makes a call to Grey House in search of Pavla’s parents. Pavla points out that they are not her real parents. Abigail reminds Pavla that even though they aren’t her real parents, they still care about her and Pavla can still can keep her memories of her real parents in her heart. Just then, Pavla’s parents come dashing into the shop, relieved to see their daughter. Abigail is pleased to see Pavla grab both her parents’ hands.

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Martha and Elizabeth walk into Cassie’s shop and let her know they still are on the hunt for a wedding venue. Elizabeth spots a painting on Cassie’s wall and says wherever that is, it would make for the perfect venue. When Martha says it is the very expensive Hudson’s Mill, Elizabeth says it doesn’t matter. She wants that venue for her daughter’s wedding.

At the coffee shop, Noah surprises Grace with a visit. She says she was supposed to meet Nick and Courtney but they wanted to grab some alone time instead. Grace says she needs to run home to study and Noah reminds her that he will see her later.

As Grace is walking home, Noah catches up with her and presents her with a yellow daisy, just like her father used to pick her. He says he got the flower because he knew it would make her smile. Grace and Noah then share in their first kiss.

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At Hudson’s Mill, Martha is surprised with how extravagant the wedding planning is getting. Elizabeth tells Martha to not worry; the only thing that matters is if Vanessa approves.

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Cassie brings jars of loose tea that will help Joanne to strengthen her bone density and cartilage. Joanne tells Cassie she has been brought on to help Stephanie with the menu for Michael and Vanessa’s wedding. The two agree to drive to the venue together in the morning. When Cassie leaves, Joanne confronts Sam and wants to know if he has changed his mind about getting married again. Sam tells his big sister the answer is no--he is still determined to stay single. Joanne is disappointed with the answer and heads to bed.

As Pavla and her parents prepare to leave, Abigail swings by to tell Pavla good-bye. Pavla says thank you for helping find her when she was hiding earlier. As a parting gift, Abigail tells Pavla she can keep the earrings she let her borrow earlier.

Joanne and Stephanie fill Elizabeth in on what they are thinking for when catering the wedding. Elizabeth instantly dismisses their menu, calling it not sophisticated enough for such an event. Elizabeth ends up firing Stephanie on the spot. In fact, Elizabeth announces she is going to be taking over all the wedding planning.

Joanne and Cassie grab some alone time and Joanne accidentally spills that Sam never wants to get married again. This is news to Cassie. Joanne notices the look on her face and says even though Sam doesn’t want to get married, again there is no doubt in her mind that he loves Cassie a lot.

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