Thursday August 13 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Match Game

On the night of the dance, Grace visits Noah at his house. She is wearing her formal dress and tells Noah she would rather be with him instead of at the formal alone, and all she wanted was a dance with Noah under the stars. She plays a song and asks Noah for a dance in the front yard and he takes her hand.

At the bookstore, Stephen engages in conversation with Marian. The two immediately hit it off over talk of Shakespeare. Cassie witness the exchange between the two and smiles.

The next morning Phil tracks down Abigail and apologizes for accusing her of stealing his ideas. Phil tells Abigail that she was right; the stolen idea was a plot driven by his former business partner. When Abigail gives Phil an icy look, he acknowledges that Abigail has every reason to be mad. Phil tells Abigail that he was able to keep his business patent for the app but he is not pursuing it, telling her that before creating an app about dating, he should learn a thing or two about relationships. He asks Abigail if she would be willing to teach him some lessons. Phil tells Abigail that he will be staying at Grey House for a while and maybe he will see her around.

The next morning, Grace is having a blast showing Sam and Cassie all of her photos from her dance with Noah in his front yard. Grace cuts her time short saying she has to leave for the baseball field to see Noah’s game. Nick stops her before leaving to tell her that because she bailed on the formal, he had to take over a lot Grace’s responsibilities at the dance. Just then, Katie walks in and thanks Nick for all of his hard work at the formal and suggests the two hang out outside the committee. Nick smiles and tells Grace that maybe he can help her with the prom committee, too.

Cassie tells Sam that she witnessed a sweet interaction with Stephen and Marian at the bookstore and in the end, the right people ended up together, after all.

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