Thursday August 13 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Match Game

Noah and Grace are on a date at the bowling alley and he quickly gets annoyed when she ignores him to fulfill her formal committee assignments. Grace is ecstatic to learn Martha got her the park permit. Grace tells Noah she has to cut their date short to take care of more details about the formal. Noah feels that Grace is not prioritizing their relationship and Grace quickly defends herself. She also promises Noah that no matter what, she will be at his game tomorrow night.

Abigail runs into Phil at Grey House and needles him for more information about his dating app. Abigail still wants to know how Phil believes he is matching people up with their perfect mate.. Grace interrupts their exchange and when Phil leaves the room, Grace points out to Abigail that Phil is interested in her. Abigail doesn’t believe Grace’s observation, but Grace says it was all in the way Phil stared at her during their conversation.

Back at the hospital, Sam tells Marian that his hunch was right: she has a hyper-thyroid condition and he suggests she make some changes to her diet and lifestyle. She wonders if one of the changes is finding that perfect catch that Phil’s dating app lined her up with. Sam laughs and says he wished he could find her that perfect match.

Grace is with her formal committee at the park, laying out the final details for the dance. Noah shows up in his uniform and it hits Grace that she missed his game completely. He tells her that they won. Their conversation is interrupted by Katie, who has a list of more responsibilities to take care of before the dance. A frustrated Noah tells Grace that if she is going to be too busy to enjoy the dance, maybe they shouldn’t go together at all.

Abigail finds Cassie in the kitchen and tells her of Grace’s observation about Phil. Cassie points out that Grace is usually spot-on when it comes to seeing when two people are into each other. The two are interrupted by a furious Phil, who accuses Abigail of stealing his dating app idea to create her own. Abigail says she has no idea what he is talking about, but he says Abigail is the only woman he trusted with the details of the app and he has discovered another tech company is building their own using his ideas. Abigail swears she didn’t say a word to anybody, while Phil tells her she will be hearing from his lawyers in the morning.

Grace goes to her mother’s shop to fill her in on Noah’s decision to not take her to the dance. Sam stops by with good news for Cassie: he tracked down Marian’s perfect match. Sam tells Cassie that he knew the mystery man had to be a sports columnist and he was determined to visit every newspaper in the area until he found the guy. Lucky for Sam, he found the sports columnist after his second stop and his name is Richard Stroud. Cassie agrees to go with Sam to meet Richard.

Martha finds Abigail at the bistro and wants to know where she can find Phil. When Abigail wants to know why, Martha explains that ever since that drone incident, she had the city ban them from the city parks. Abigail finds it suspicious that the owner of the drone disappeared after the incident and now she wants to identify him using the copy of his original permit.

Sam and Cassie get Richard’s address and head to his house. They find Richard’s brother Stephen, who is currently housesitting because Richard is on his honeymoon. Sam begins to question if he tracked down the right guy, after all.

Abigail confronts Phil in his room and tells him she thinks she knows who stole his dating app idea. She points out that Phil’s white board with all of his notes can be seen from the window of Grey House. Abigail suspects that the man with the drone used it to copy down Phil’s ideas. She tells Phil that the man’s identity is on the drone permit, and after she tosses it to him, she storms off.