Thursday August 13 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Match Game

Sam is playing the piano with Cassie downstairs when Phil comes down. Sam wants to know more about his dating app and Phil explains it matches people based on open-ended questions with hand-written answers to see if potential couples are right for one another. Cassie has fun looking through the beta-testing applicants and discovers two mystery users in Middleton who the app says would be perfect for each other. Cassie is determined to find out who the two anonymous users are and wants to bring them together in real life.

Nick and Grace stop by to check out the flowers at Abigail’s shop for the formal. Once Abigail finds out the formal is in the gym, she insists it is time to find a better location, despite the fact that the dance is in just a few days. Abigail ends up going to Martha for permission to hold the dance in the outdoor park to go with the theme, “Under the Stars.” Martha says she will see if she can pull strings to waiver the fee and allow for the permit.

Sam and Cassie team up to find out who the mystery beta users were on Phil’s app. They re-examine the answers each of the users gave, hoping to search for more clues.

Martha is working on getting a permit for Grace’s dance. She gets annoyed when she sees a drone over the park. When the drone starts heading in her direction, Phil arrives and pushes her out of the way before it hits her head. Instantly, she is intrigued when she finds out Phil is Cassie’s mystery guest at Grey House.

Cassie and Sam’s search leads them to the high school, when they find out the female beta tester was an athlete there years ago. Using the little clues they have from Phil’s questionnaire, they track the woman--named Marian Anderson--down to the gym where she trains. Marian admits she was the one who filled out the questionnaire but thought it was all private. They assure that her identity is private but Sam is more interested in some of the answers she gave regarding her health and thinks she might need some medical attention, especially when it comes to her thyroid. She agrees to pay Sam a visit at the hospital.