Thursday August 13 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Match Game

Grace is part of her high school planning committee along with her friend, Katie. Nick confesses to Grace that he wants to ask Katie to the formal but needs her help in doing so. Grace says she will help in exchange for Nick joining the planning committee. Nick obliges if that means he gets to work with Katie. Later on, Noah shows up to ask Grace to the formal and she says yes.

Abigail, Martha and Stephanie are trying to figure out who the mystery man is currently staying at Grey House but Cassie remains mum. Abigail jokes that she lives at Grey House and still doesn’t know this mystery guest, but the ladies do know he is single and arrived by private jet.

Determined to find out more about this mystery guest, Abigail decides to deliver tea. She finds a handsome man in a guest room strewn with paperwork. He introduces himself as Phil and explains he is in the middle of creating a new dating app for singles. He thanks Abigail for the tea and she smiles and walks out.

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