Sunday July 28 8:00 PM / 7:00c
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In Sickness and In Health

Sam stops by Cassie’s shop to surprise her with a kiss, which is interrupted by Martha. Cassie is happy that Martha is there to talk about the upcoming Health Fest that Cassie is in charge of every year. Cassie wants help from Sam, but she asks Martha to be the one to request his assistance.

Grace is walking home from school and runs into Abigail. She shares her disappointment that she wasn’t chosen to be captain of the academic decathlon team, with the role instead going to Larissa Diaz. Abigail tells her to not accept the rejection because there are always options to getting your way.

Cassie closes up shop and runs into an artist, Harrison, who she sold supplies to, earlier. She invites him to stay at Grey House, and he graciously accepts the offer. The next morning, Harrison sets up his painting supplies next to the dining room to work on a project. When he meets Abigail, she is put off by his aloof demeanor.

Back at the Bistro, Grace is working with Larissa to help her study. Grace accidentally spills juice all over Larissa’s notes, ruining them. Larissa panics; now she could lose her role of captain. That makes Grace pause and think.

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