In Sickness and In Health

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Sam stops by Cassie’s shop to surprise her with a kiss, which is interrupted by Martha. Cassie is happy that Martha is there to talk about the upcoming Health Fest that Cassie is in charge of every year. Cassie wants help from Sam, but she asks Martha to be the one to request his assistance.

Grace is walking home from school and runs into Abigail. She shares her disappointment that she wasn’t chosen to be captain of the academic decathlon team, with the role instead going to Larissa Diaz. Abigail tells her to not accept the rejection because there are always options to getting your way.

Cassie closes up shop and runs into an artist, Harrison, who she sold supplies to, earlier. She invites him to stay at Grey House, and he graciously accepts the offer. The next morning, Harrison sets up his painting supplies next to the dining room to work on a project. When he meets Abigail, she is put off by his aloof demeanor.

Back at the Bistro, Grace is working with Larissa to help her study. Grace accidentally spills juice all over Larissa’s notes, ruining them. Larissa panics; now she could lose her role of captain. That makes Grace pause and think.

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Harrison is continuing his work in the dining room and Abigail catches a glimpse. She is pleasantly surprised that she is one of Harrison’s subjects in the painting, alongside George. Moments later, George walks in to talk to Abigail and she notices that the painting she just looked at was a premonition of the exact moment she is experiencing now.

Cassie and Sam meet Martha in her office so she can update them about their upcoming Health Fest, and she officially invites Sam to be part of it. He agrees to pitch in, joking that he and Cassie are now co-workers. Later, Cassie meets Sam at his house to talk about the fest. She is surprised that Sam has already invited more people and decided on how the layout of the event will go.

The next day, Sam sees his second patient of the week complaining about fatigue. He tells his patient about the upcoming Health Fest and she is interested in checking it out. Meanwhile, at Cassie’s shop, she meets a customer with similar complaints, and she also invites him to stop by the Health Fest. She is soon surprised when her friend Margo stops by. Margo says she had heard about a new partner at the Health Fest who joined this year and is changing things around, not realizing it is Sam! Margo recommends Cassie use her charm to get her way and not let this new hotshot walk all over her. Cassie just smiles.

Abigail checks in on Grace and asks if Larissa is out of the picture as team captain of the decathlon team yet. Grace says no, but does point out that several obstacles have been getting in Larissa’s way to make her job harder. Abigail questions if maybe these obstacles are the result of Grace, without Grace even being aware of it.

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In the next room, Nick is helping George with a lightbulb. Abigail shows Grace and Nick Harrison’s painting that he had left lying around, which is very similar to the experience they just shared. Everybody agrees that Harrison’s ability to paint the future is pretty freaky.

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Back at Cassie’s shop she finds a customer experiencing forgetfulness and offers her an aromatherapy candle. She also extends an invite to the upcoming Health Fest. After closing up shop, Cassie heads to the fest’s headquarters and finds Sam in charge of the layout. Cassie points out that all of Sam’s medical friends have booths in the front, while those in Cassie’s field are more pushed to the back. Stephanie shows up and wants to know where her booth is and Sam admits that although he didn’t make room for her, he will make arrangements.

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Larissa arrives late to decathlon prep and the teacher chastises her in front of the class as Grace watches. The teacher turns to Grace and offers her the role of captain. Before Grace can answer, Larissa begins hyperventilating and Grace calls Sam for help. The diagnosis is fatigue and he orders her to go home and rest. Cassie finds out about Larissa’s diagnosis and tells Sam she is also meeting more and more people with similar symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and memory-loss. Sam and Cassie agree to team up to figure why. They agree to meet up with their customers and patients again and try to find a connection.

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The time for the Health Fest arrives, and it’s a big hit. Martha loves the turn-out and jokes that Cassie and Sam should think about planning another big event (hint hint), after which they carefully change the subject. While at the Health Fest, one by one patients and customers approach Sam and Cassie to let them know they are feeling much better after their spells with fatigue. Cassie and Sam put it together that everybody who had experienced the same symptoms also live or work in the same neighborhood. It turns out there was a gas leak that was affecting the health of all of them! Cassie and Sam tell their patients and customers all to get plenty of fresh air, continue to eat healthy foods, and take time to relax. The two also realize that when they worked together, they got to the bottom of the issue. Sam and Cassie really do make a great team!

Later that evening, Cassie tells Grace that Larissa is on the mend. Grace is happy to hear that she was not the reason why Larissa was sick. Grace is excited to have her team member back and isn’t bothered if she has to give her captain title away. Cassie says it doesn’t matter, because she will still be in the stands cheering on her daughter.

Harrison is packing up his art supplies and getting ready to leave. Harrison returns Cassie’s paint brush and he thanks her for placing his work station in the middle of Grey House so he can observe how people communicate around him. Cassie says she looks forward to checking out his exhibit when he has one.

Sam stops by to tell Cassie he enjoyed working with her on the Health Fest and looks forward to doing it again next year. George walks in with a painting that Harrison left behind. In the painting, it appears that Nick and Grace are fighting, and Sam and Cassie’s body language shows the two are distant. Cassie and Sam assure everyone that it just a painting and to not read into it.