How to Say 'I Love You!'

Martha sneaks back into her office and is surprised by Grace waiting for her. Grace presents Martha with a folder filled with papers. It’s actually good news for Martha: while cleaning out the Grey House attic, Grace discovered an old bank account belonging to the city. After taking a careful look at the account information, Martha realizes that the forgotten bank account was never closed. In fact, as Grace points out, there is more than enough money in it to start paying for trees and swing sets in Middleton! Martha says Grace will get all the recognition at the next council meeting. Grace says she didn’t bring the account to Martha’s attention for recognition, but because she wanted it to be put to good use for the city. Martha notes that Grace is more and more like her mother, and Grace takes that as the ultimate compliment.

The day of the theater’s opening, the entire town of Middleton shows up for the occasion. Stephanie delivers popcorn to the audience, while Martha makes an announcement before lighting the marquee. She is happy to say that the city will be getting their new trees and a new swing set, all because of the generosity of an anonymous stranger. Cassie smiles at Grace.

Sam wants to know what the old black and white movie they are about to see is about. Cassie says the title says it all: “How to Say I Love You.” She hopes Sam is in the mood for a romantic comedy and he responds he is in for any surprises.

The town of Middleton settles into their seats to enjoy the film. During one of the most romantic scenes of the film, Sam reaches for Cassie’s hand and the two share a smile. After the movie, Sam asks to walk Cassie home and she obliges. Once they arrive at Grey House, Sam tells Cassie that she makes him want to be better. Cassie responds that she looks forward to every minute she gets to spend with him. Sam promises her he is not going anywhere and after a brief pause, he professes his love for Cassie. She tells him she loves him back and the two share a romantic kiss.

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