How to Say 'I Love You!'

This week Martha’s city council meeting has a special guest: Cassie, who gets to witness the honoring of Ben for all the work he is doing on the old Middleton Theater. Martha also approves the spending on new trees to be lined up outside the city hall and a new swing set at the park.

Back at the Flower Shop, Abigail greets Sam who is looking for chocolates for his assistant. She tries to sell him on flowers for Cassie, but he is certain Cassie already knows how he feels about her and doesn’t need the flowers to prove it.

Back at the theater, Ben is teaching Sam how to thread an old movie projector. Grace stops by to drop off a projector movie that her mom found in the attic. Ben threads up the film and Grace watches from the audience seats. Later, at Grey House, Grace is eager to talk about the film she watched at the theater. Grace then asks if she can go see Martha the next morning because she has an idea.

At the bistro, Abigail overhears Stephanie placing food orders for Ben’s big opening night at the theater. Abigail puts the idea in Stephanie’s head that the occasion should be big. Stephanie agrees with Abigail’s suggestion.

Meanwhile as Martha is dining, she gets news that the city has frozen her assets, not allowing her to purchase the new swing set for the park or purchase new trees for the sidewalks. She says it is a mix-up but also says she will deal with the financial crisis on her own.

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