How to Make a Middleton Quilt

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How to Make a Middleton Quilt

It is breakfast time at Grey House and Grace lets Cassie know about her mom’s bachelorette party. Martha stops by hoping Cassie has some yarn and lets Sam know the ladies of Middleton are making a wish quilt for their wedding present. A wish quilt is a tradition started by Grace’s great-great-great-great grandmother, Katherine Merriwick. All the ladies of Merriwick get together to make a quilt for the soon-to-be married couple and each square has a special meaning. Cassie points out that there’s a tale attached: if you make a wish while making the quilt, it will come true.

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Abigail is house-hunting in Middleton and runs into Brandon. When she begins asking questions about neighborhood safety, Brandon is surprised to hear Abigail plans on moving out of Grey House. She says once Cassie and Sam get married, Sam will move in and she wants to give the newlyweds space.

Martha stops by Cassie’s shop looking for a beaded purse she once had that would perfectly match the dress she is wearing to Sam and Cassie’s wedding. Cassie magically finds the purse in a box at the shop and Martha is pleasantly surprised it is back in her hands.

The ladies of Middleton gather to start making Sam and Cassie’s wish quilt. Each square has a sentimental meaning to the person making it. As maid of honor, Grace finds out she is also responsible for Cassie’s something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Martha offers to help Grace out with finding her items.

Later that evening, Sam and Cassie are preparing dinner and catching up with Grace and Nick. When Cassie recalls when she was maid of honor at her friend Melanie’s wedding, Grace is surprised to find out she has never heard of Melanie before. Cassie says after Melanie got married, they both let life get in the way and lost track of one another.

A new spa, Oasis, has moved down the street from the Bistro and delivered gift boxes to Stephanie as a thank you for catering their recent event. She gives the gift boxes to her friends, too. Cassie finds it remarkable that the ladies of Middleton all wished for a day at the spa while making the quilt and their wish came true!

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That evening, the ladies gather around again to continue stitching the quilt. Cassie points out that the wish quilt has already worked its magic since ladies all got rewarded with free spa treatments. She then asks Tara what her wish would be, and she replies going after her PhD in Cambridge after enjoying the lab work she did while there. The ladies then all go around the table to share their wishes. Martha wants more time to do her mayoral duties and actively help plan Sam and Cassie’s wedding; Grace hopes her friend finds a home for the three dogs she is currently fostering; and Stephanie says she wishes she had a private chauffer so her friends don’t have to drive her around. Finally, Abigail pauses before saying what her wish would be, and answers, “I don’t know.”

Cassie meets Sam at the hospital and is surprised to see Tara there in a lab coat. She says the lab needed a new assistant and found her original resume in a pile from a few years ago. She is beginning to think maybe the wish quilt had something to do with it. When Tara leaves, Sam hints to Cassie that she must have had something to do with the hiring since he saw her talking to HR earlier. Cassie just smiles at Sam’s hunch.

Grace stops by Abigail’s flower shop to hand her an official invitation to Cassie’s bachelorette party. Grace also says it will be a good time to see if the wishes all came true for the ladies. Abigail says she will be skipping out on that portion of the evening. Grace wants to know if she really was to make a wish, what would it be? Abigail says she wants to settle in and meet new friends who love to call Middleton home like she does. Just then, Liam walks into the shop in search of flowers and chocolates to bring to his neighbors’ house for dinner. He says the hospitality is why he loves living in Middleton. When this brings a smile to Abigail’s face, Grace notices.

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Sam and Cassie run into Martha and Jared at the grocery store. As they engage in conversation, Jared gets a few emails on his phone and lets Martha know she’s had some cancelations to her schedule this week, freeing up her time. In fact, her entire day is free. Martha is surprised that her wish for more free time has come true. Later on, Sam tells Cassie he is not quite sure what she did, but he feels she was behind Martha getting more free time.

At this Bistro, Grace stops by to share with Sam and Cassie the good news. Her friend has found a home for the three dogs she has been fostering, a wish come true for Grace! When she leaves, a skeptical Sam thinks Cassie was somehow behind Grace’s good news. Cassie plays coy and says there is nothing wrong with letting people believe in magic.

Liam stops by the flower shop to ask Abigail a question. Before she can give him her time, the store begins to get busy and the phone starts ringing off the hook. He says he would prefer to talk to her in private and leaves the flower shop.

Liam picks Sam up after work and drives him to Grey House under strict orders from Cassie. Sam arrives at Grey House and finds the ladies of Middleton in the kitchen. The women tell Sam that the evening will be filled with movies and baking and then they give him his own personalized apron. Meanwhile, at the Middleton Brewery, Cassie is shooting pool with Sam’s friends and they are impressed with her skills.

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Later on, Cassie and the guys crash Sam’s gathering at Grey House and are surprised to see the cake Sam has learned to bake. While at the house, Liam asks Abigail if he can have that private conversation with her that he wanted earlier. Liam tells Abigail that he is beginning to call Middleton home and has a question for her: does she think Stephanie would go out with him? Abigail is visibly disappointed and tells Liam that Stephanie is a great friend and person and she thinks he should go for it.

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Martha stops by to present the engaged couple their completed wish quilt. The ladies explain the sentimental meaning behind each square. An unexpected guest shows up at Grey House, Cassie’s long lost best friend, Melanie!

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Melanie says she had no idea about Cassie’s engagement and just wanted to make the journey to Middleton to get back in touch. Grace tells her she is just in time because Cassie is about to be presented with her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Martha panics that she got so busy that she missed out on providing the gifts for Grace. Cassie points that she has all she needs with the quilt, citing that squares all represent each category.

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Stephanie grabs her coat and Liam gets the door for her, offering to drive her home. When Stephanie tells him that Tara was planning on giving her a ride home, Liam jokes that he would love to be her personal chauffer. Stephanie is surprised because that means the wish she made has come true.

Melanie lets Cassie know that she is only in town for one night before returning to Cambodia to continue teaching. She tells Cassie she is heading to bed because the two have a full day of catching up the next morning. When she leaves, Cassie tells Sam she is still surprised that Melanie just happened to show up. Sam gives Cassie a smirk and she realizes it was he who arranged for the surprise visit. It just took a little detective work using what little information he had to go on. Sam loves seeing Cassie so happy and he tells her he doesn’t need to make a wish using the wish quilt, because his already came true.