Good Witch: Written Like a Merriwick

A mysterious trunk arrives at Grey House. Cassie explains that the trunk was found at the Art Institute of Chicago and the last return address attached to it was Grey House. Grace opens the trunk and finds a beautiful gown, a khaki suit, an aviation jacket and a pair of boots. Cassie suspects that these eccentric outfits belonged to Elizabeth Merriwick, who owned Grey House in the 1930’s.

At Bell, Book and Candle, Andrew searches the shelves for a new headache cure. He tells Cassie that the spearmint tea she gave him last time is not doing the trick. Just then, Sam walks in and Cassie decides to recommend Andrew make an appointment to see him. In the meantime, Cassie agrees to continue to offering aromatherapy treatments to help treat Andrew’s headaches.

As Grace tries on the aviation jacket she found in the trunk, Abigail is struck by how perfectly it fits her. Grace begins to imagine why Elizabeth Merriwick might have owned such a jacket. Abigail suggests that she may have been an aviation pioneer. Grace is immediately inspired and decides to write a story about Elizabeth Merriwick for her creative writing class.

While Sam enjoys a cup of coffee at the bistro, Stephanie confides in him that someone gave her a negative review on the bistro website. The review has Stephanie paranoid about her food. She decides that the only way she’ll feel better is to find the person who left the review, the online critic named “Gourmet Eater.”

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