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Good Witch Style: An Interview with Laurie Drew

If you were spellbound by the fashion of the movies that inspired Good Witch, you're in luck! The series has settled on an enchanting evolution of the classic "Good Witch" wardrobe. The clothing in the series is more modern, and day-to-day... some of it even pulled from classic magazines! We love the use of lace, silky fabrics, and sultry color-tones. From the jewelry to the fabrics, these looks are sleek and put-together.

The woman behind the conceptualization of these wondrous wardrobes is Laurie Drew, the costume designer of Good Witch. Not only is she talented and creative when it comes to the vision of an outfit, but she’s also incredibly articulate about the psychology and emotion behind each closet. Laurie explains costume design as a great challenge with an even greater reward.

She elaborates, “As a designer, I must bring the characters to life. I work with the actor as the seed. The actors have the tough job of learning to be someone completely new – they have to learn a lot about their own spirit and how to fit that into their characters. The great thing about costume design is that it takes these seeds, combines them with inspiration and outfits to fit the part, and something lovely emerges. It’s just great chemistry.”

It’s essential that the wardrobes of Cassie, Grace, and the other characters guide the actors and the audience into the world of Good Witch. Laurie is no novice to costume design. Her background includes Orphan Black and Flashpoint, among other stellar shows and movies. When asked how she got her start, Laurie laughs, “Well, I fell into costume design by accident! My ex-husband was a production designer, and I informally took up the role. I was in Canada, and back in the day the business of costume design was really searching for people to fill roles. I started during a time where if you had the inclination, you could make your way!”

She’s loved it ever since. Laurie describes the costume department as a giant family. The team is stuck together for months in a television series. The hours are long, and the job can be stressful – production stops for no one! But the chemistry she describes earlier – the joy of seeing Catherine Bell transform into Cassie Nightingale – is more than worth the toil. Costume design truly is… magic!

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