Good Witch: In 4/4, With Emotion

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Highlights - Wedding Plans - Good Witch

Cassie, Abigail and Martha meet up at the Bistro for coffee and Martha wants all the details on the engagement. Stephanie stops by to wish Cassie congratulations and tells the ladies that she is ready to move on from Ben. When Stephanie leaves, Martha tells Cassie and Abigail that she is supposed to give a speech at the re-dedication of the Salt Creek Bridge and can use a little inspiration, especially because the last mayor to dedicate the bridge gave a lasting impression. That man was her husband.

Nick and Grace are continuing their fake truce for the sake of their parents. Together, they are helping Cassie set up her old piano into the front room. Sam sits down and plays a few notes, surprising Cassie with his skills. He also finds some old sheet music from Jacob Heyward, a songwriter from the 1930s who once lived in Middleton. Cassie explains that Jacob was a famous musician whose music affected others in unique ways. Grace wonders if Jacob possibly stayed at Grey House, or even wrote some of his music there. Sam takes one page of his sheet music and plays it. Sam thinks it is a love song but Cassie disagrees. Abigail says the song is proof that two people can hear the same song differently.

Grace helps her mom out by organizing the board game closet. Nick stops by and Cassie suggests Nick assist in helping to make the chore completed faster. Both Nick and Grace try to come up with excuses to not work together, but Cassie insists that Nick join in. As soon as Cassie walks away, the two begin bickering, again.

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Sam and Cassie are on a date at Middleton’s microbrewery and run into Stephanie, who has been stood up for drinks by Abigail. As she leaves, she runs into a friendly fireman. He invites Stephanie to join his table with fellow his fellow firefighters. Instead, the invite just reminds Stephanie she has to stop at the hardware store to pick up a new garden hose.

Courtney stops by Grey House to visit Grace and when she finds out Nick is at the house too, she turns to leave. Courtney tells Abigail that ever since Nick broke up with her, they have been avoiding each other. Before Courtney departs, Cassie gives her a book about courage and Courtney accepts the present with a smile.

Nick and Grace are upstairs still trying to organize the game closet. Nick is impressed with how fast Grace is when it comes to doing her half of the organizing. She jokes and says it must be magic.

Sam stops by Abigail’s shop to buy a bouquet of roses for Cassie. When he walks out, he surprises Martha who is practicing her speech for the bridge dedication. The two pass a street performer playing one of Jacob Heyward’s songs on the saxophone. Sam tips the player and heads off.

That evening, Cassie finds Grace and Abigail putting together a puzzle. Grace tells her mom that even though she is done with organizing her half of the game closet, Nick still needs to come back and finish his half.

The next morning, Martha stops by Sam’s office for a big favor. She wants to highlight Sam at the bridge dedication, since he takes that route across the bridge every day. Martha tells Sam that he is in good company with other guest speakers. He politely declines and Martha storms off, thanking him for being of no help at all.

Abigail and Cassie are catching up over dessert at the Bistro when Stephanie stops by to tell them she is taking the rest of the day off. Stephanie was asked out by a professional tennis player that morning when he came into the Bistro for a protein shake. Cassie points out that Stephanie has recently had an upswing when it comes to men flirting with her and wonders if Abigail has anything to do with it. She smiles slyly and goes back to her cheesecake.

Highlights - Sister Bonding - Good Witch

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Cassie gets a surprise at work when Sam asks if she can take off early for a date night. The two meet at the microbrewery and Sam takes her hand for a dance. Sam enjoys the music and suggests maybe hiring this band for their wedding. When Cassie points out they don’t even have a date, he says maybe they should start thinking about that, too.

Stephanie stops by Abigail’s shop and is surprised to run into Carl, the tennis professional she is going on a date with later that evening. Carl tells Stephanie the flowers he is buying are for her. When Stephanie notices that Abigail also knows Carl and then finds out the two used to go out, she wonders if Abigail was behind getting the two together in the first place. Abigail confesses that the men who have recently hit on Stephanie are all her exes. Stephanie tells Carl their date is off and she storms out of the flower shop.

Nick and Grace promise Cassie they will take her collection of old children’s books to the hospital. While there, they run into Courtney. She was reading the book Cassie gave her earlier to the young patients on the ward. Courtney tries to walk away until Nick apologizes for his past behavior, admitting he screwed up. Nick confesses to Courtney he really likes her and was afraid of getting too serious. She tells Nick that he should have told her all of that earlier and walks away. Grace points out that it was good of Nick to tell Courtney all that he did. He tells her he had wanted to tell Courtney about his feelings, until Grace decided to meddle in their relationship.

Highlights - Nick's Apology - Good Witch

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Abigail stops by the Bistro and receives the cold shoulder from Stephanie. Abigail says that even though she might have pointed the guys in Stephanie’s direction, they all made the decision to show interest in her on their own. The two are interrupted when a man stops by asking if Stephanie is going to be at the Bistro later that evening. When she tells him she is not ready to date yet, he tells her he is the ice machine repairman and he was just trying to get her schedule to make his repairs. Stephanie turns red with embarrassment and she and Abigail share in a laugh.

Highlights - Abigail Comes Clean - Highlights

Martha meets Tom for coffee and she confesses how stressed she is over her upcoming bridge dedication speech. Tom points out that all of his best speeches were inspired by Martha and whatever she says will be remembered for years to come.

Cassie joins Grace at the dining room table and Grace fills her in on what happened at the hospital with Courtney. Grace asks her mom how to know when to speak her mind and when to stay quiet. Cassie says it is a lesson she will learn with time, but impatience is something that all young Merriwick women struggle with at one time or another. Cassie says honest communication is real work and advises both mother and daughter should remember when to practice it.

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Cassie finds Sam at the piano and he tells her he has narrowed down a few dates for their wedding. Cassie tells him that she is so excited for the wedding but isn’t sure why they have to speed up planning so much. In fact, Sam hasn’t asked Cassie once about what she wants when it comes to the wedding. Sam acknowledges what he is doing and says he wants to stay ahead of the curve. With his last wedding, his wife made all the plans and he just showed up. She grabs Sam’s hand and tells him that this time, they will make the decisions together, but there should be no rush. That said, Cassie has made one decision for their wedding. She pulls out an old Jacob Heyward song on the piano and says she wants it to be played at their reception. Sam agrees and the two play it together on the piano. Abigail listens in and the moment is interrupted with a knock at the door. Abigail goes to answer it and with a shocked look on her face, she greets the visitor, saying, “Dad.”