Good Witch: In 4/4, With Emotion

Cassie, Abigail and Martha meet up at the Bistro for coffee and Martha wants all the details on the engagement. Stephanie stops by to wish Cassie congratulations and tells the ladies that she is ready to move on from Ben. When Stephanie leaves, Martha tells Cassie and Abigail that she is supposed to give a speech at the re-dedication of the Salt Creek Bridge and can use a little inspiration, especially because the last mayor to dedicate the bridge gave a lasting impression. That man was her husband.

Nick and Grace are continuing their fake truce for the sake of their parents. Together, they are helping Cassie set up her old piano into the front room. Sam sits down and plays a few notes, surprising Cassie with his skills. He also finds some old sheet music from Jacob Heyward, a songwriter from the 1930s who once lived in Middleton. Cassie explains that Jacob was a famous musician whose music affected others in unique ways. Grace wonders if Jacob possibly stayed at Grey House, or even wrote some of his music there. Sam takes one page of his sheet music and plays it. Sam thinks it is a love song but Cassie disagrees. Abigail says the song is proof that two people can hear the same song differently.

Grace helps her mom out by organizing the board game closet. Nick stops by and Cassie suggests Nick assist in helping to make the chore completed faster. Both Nick and Grace try to come up with excuses to not work together, but Cassie insists that Nick join in. As soon as Cassie walks away, the two begin bickering, again.

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