Good Witch: Daddy's Home

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The doorbell rings at Grey House and Abigail answers, only to find her father waiting for her. Shocked, she asks what he is doing at Grey House, pointing out she hasn’t seen him in 22 years. She winds up slamming the door in his face and tells Cassie she is going to bed.

The next morning, Abigail comes downstairs to find Cassie about to deliver her breakfast. Cassie gives Abigail a gift bag and says whoever the mystery visitor was the night before left it on the doorstep. Inside the bag is a snow globe, along with an invitation for Abigail to meet her father for dinner that night.

Abigail accepts the invitation, and her father is pleasantly surprised when she shows up. He tells her he had thought of reaching out for so many years, but knows she would not have liked the man he had become. He then shocks Abigail with the news that he was in jail for 8 years, serving a sentence for bank fraud, grand larceny and tax evasion. She wants to know why he is in Middleton now. It turns out he is close to paying off his business partners and is even thinking of buying their old home back in New York. Abigail wants to know the real reason why he is in town. He says it’s to say he’s sorry, in person.

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Two of Grey House’s guests, Erica and Clay, show up at Cassie’s shop to look around. The expectant parents tell Cassie they are on their baby-moon and are looking for a getaway to rest and relax before the baby comes.

Martha is hosting her quarterly Women’s Small Business Owners Association meeting at City Hall. She requests that all the ladies display their high school photos outside their businesses to inspire the youth of Middleton to see where the ladies came from and who they are now. Martha says she first thought of the idea when Abigail’s father came into the bistro and began bragging about Abigail’s business accomplishments when she was just a young girl. Abigail is surprised her father even remembers her childhood.

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Cassie and Sam are getting dinner ready when Abigail walks in with a big box. She says she received it at the shop earlier; it’s from her last childhood foster home. The items include school artwork, bike streamers and even her old yearbook.

Sam takes Grace to her math competition and stays to watch her performance. Grace ends up advancing to the final round with two other students. Grace blows the competition out of the water with her quick knowledge of the math questions.

Abigail’s father stops by Cassie’s shop and starts talking about Abigail’s childhood. He winds up buying a beautiful necklace for his daughter. He is wistful, talking about all the years he missed with his daughter as she got older. Cassie invites him to Grey House later that evening.

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Abigail is back at her shop and her father stops by to see her. He comments on how beautiful the place is. He presents Abigail the necklace he bought her earlier and she says it is beautiful. He invites her to dinner but Abigail says she has plans to see a movie that night. She asks him to join her watching “His Girl Friday.” It happens to be his favorite movie too, so he gladly accepts.

While unwinding from the day, Clay tells his wife that he has a fear he doesn’t know how to be a dad. Erica assures her husband he will be a great father. He points out that his father never gave him good parenting skills. Erica tells her husband that they should stay one more night at Grey House and just relax. He agrees.

After the movie, Abigail and her father go back to the shop so she can finish watering plants. When she goes to the back room for a moment, her dad takes her credit card out of her wallet and copies down the number. She comes back into the front and her dad offers to walk her home.

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After winning first place at her math competition, Sam takes Grace back to Grey House only to realize she forgot her trophy. Sam is surprised by Grace’s careless attitude about it and he insists they drive back to the school to pick it up. When they arrive to the school, Sam asks Grace why she really wants to participate in these competitions if her heart really isn’t in it. Grace tells him it is because they look good on her college applications. Sam encourages Grace to ask herself what she really loves to do. On the way home, Grace reveals she loves writing, photography, and even wants to try skydiving. Sam encourages her to pursue it all.

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Abigail comes back to Grey House after a wonderful evening with her dad. She fills Cassie in about the night, when she is interrupted by a phone call from her bank. They tell Abigail that someone used her credit card number to try to authorize a loan. Abigail immediately suspects her father.

Later on that night, Clay comes downstairs asking Cassie where he can find ice cream for his pregnant wife. Cassie has just the flavor he is looking for and Clay is pleasantly surprised. Abigail’s father walks in asking Cassie if she had the photo he asked for earlier, from Abigail’s yearbook. Abigail walks into the kitchen and accuses her father of trying to steal from her. He tells her his real motive for trying to secure a loan is because he is buying Abigail’s childhood home. He wants her to be on the loan too so she can be a co-owner. She reminds her dad that this was the same house that he walked out on and now he is just trying to buy his daughter’s love. Abigail tells her father that it is too late to get back into her life; she is better off without him. Before he leaves, Cassie gives him a framed copy of Abigail’s yearbook photo.

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The next morning, Clay and Erica thank Cassie for her hospitality. She presents them with a parting gift: one of Grace’s favorite childhood books, “One Otter and Twenty-One Rabbits.” They are moved by Cassie’s generosity.

Abigail’s father stops by the flower shop to say goodbye one more time. He also wants to give her a copy of the loan for the house, to prove her name was removed from all documents. He reminds Abigail that there were happy memories in that home, including the day Abigail was was born, and when she took her first steps as a toddler. Abigail wants to know when her dad is moving in and he tells her in a couple of months. Abigail gets teary-eyed and tells her father maybe she will come visit him. She reiterates that she is still angry, but people can grow and change. She wants to continue her life with her father in it. He tells her she is a bigger person than he is and that she has an open-invitation to visit him. Abigail tells her father that he can call her by her childhood nickname, “Abby.” When he leaves, Abigail is moved to see her father has left as a gift the bike she always wanted as a child.

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Abigail rides the bike to Grey House to find Sam, Grace and Cassie preparing macaroni and cheese for dinner. Cassie is happy to see her cousin in good spirits and even welcomes her to help out when preparing the meal. They all enjoy some family time, together.