Good Witch: Daddy's Home

The doorbell rings at Grey House and Abigail answers, only to find her father waiting for her. Shocked, she asks what he is doing at Grey House, pointing out she hasn’t seen him in 22 years. She winds up slamming the door in his face and tells Cassie she is going to bed.

The next morning, Abigail comes downstairs to find Cassie about to deliver her breakfast. Cassie gives Abigail a gift bag and says whoever the mystery visitor was the night before left it on the doorstep. Inside the bag is a snow globe, along with an invitation for Abigail to meet her father for dinner that night.

Abigail accepts the invitation, and her father is pleasantly surprised when she shows up. He tells her he had thought of reaching out for so many years, but knows she would not have liked the man he had become. He then shocks Abigail with the news that he was in jail for 8 years, serving a sentence for bank fraud, grand larceny and tax evasion. She wants to know why he is in Middleton now. It turns out he is close to paying off his business partners and is even thinking of buying their old home back in New York. Abigail wants to know the real reason why he is in town. He says it’s to say he’s sorry, in person.

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