Family Time

At the bistro, Martha comes across Sam and Cassie and asks if they’ve set a date for their wedding. They tell her they are still unsure, but promise that she’ll be at the top of the list when they do decide. Martha then gracisoulsy offers to lend her singing talents for the wedding. Meanwhile, Cassie and Sam are doing their best to find a way to convince Grace and Nick to get along…again. Sam then suggests they all go to his lake house for a weekend of family bonding.

Later, Cassie and Grace prepare to head to the lake house. Cassie reminds Grace that she’s hoping the weekend will be a chance for them both to unplug. Grace is non-commital to the idea. As they prepare to leave, Abigial arrives to get her instructions for taking care of Grey House while Cassie is away. The weekends only guests are only staying for a night and are in town to sign merger papers. Grace is surprised her mom asked Abigial to keep watch of the guests, but Abigial is sure she can handle the responsibility.

When they all arrive at the lake house, Cassie comments on the peacefulness of the surroundings. Meanwhile, Grace immediately begins trying to user her phone, while Nick’s primary concern is what to do without TV. The house has undergone major renovations since Cassie last visited, but the contractors forgot to finish installing the new stove. Sam is sure he can get it working and promises Cassie that as soon as he’s done, both families will spend time together. Later, as everyone is getting settled, Sam’s neighbors, Gina and Cara, stopy by to introduce themselves. Gina’s husband is preparing to fire up the grill and they wanted to be neighborly and invite Sam, Cassie and the kids over for dinner. Despite the gracious invitation, Cassie politely declines and tells Gina that they are only staying the night and are planning to spending the time together.

Back at Grey House, Abigail checks in her weekend guests. The four guests and their attorney are putting the final touches on a merger. Annie, the lawyer, tells Abigail that she prefers to take her clients to a relaxing environment when they are about to sign their final documents. After some brief introductions, Abigail decides to change Cassie’s room assignements to ones she feels are more appropriate.

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