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Family Time

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At the bistro, Martha comes across Sam and Cassie and asks if they’ve set a date for their wedding. They tell her they are still unsure, but promise that she’ll be at the top of the list when they do decide. Martha then gracisoulsy offers to lend her singing talents for the wedding. Meanwhile, Cassie and Sam are doing their best to find a way to convince Grace and Nick to get along…again. Sam then suggests they all go to his lake house for a weekend of family bonding.

Later, Cassie and Grace prepare to head to the lake house. Cassie reminds Grace that she’s hoping the weekend will be a chance for them both to unplug. Grace is non-commital to the idea. As they prepare to leave, Abigial arrives to get her instructions for taking care of Grey House while Cassie is away. The weekends only guests are only staying for a night and are in town to sign merger papers. Grace is surprised her mom asked Abigial to keep watch of the guests, but Abigial is sure she can handle the responsibility.

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When they all arrive at the lake house, Cassie comments on the peacefulness of the surroundings. Meanwhile, Grace immediately begins trying to user her phone, while Nick’s primary concern is what to do without TV. The house has undergone major renovations since Cassie last visited, but the contractors forgot to finish installing the new stove. Sam is sure he can get it working and promises Cassie that as soon as he’s done, both families will spend time together. Later, as everyone is getting settled, Sam’s neighbors, Gina and Cara, stopy by to introduce themselves. Gina’s husband is preparing to fire up the grill and they wanted to be neighborly and invite Sam, Cassie and the kids over for dinner. Despite the gracious invitation, Cassie politely declines and tells Gina that they are only staying the night and are planning to spending the time together.

Back at Grey House, Abigail checks in her weekend guests. The four guests and their attorney are putting the final touches on a merger. Annie, the lawyer, tells Abigail that she prefers to take her clients to a relaxing environment when they are about to sign their final documents. After some brief introductions, Abigail decides to change Cassie’s room assignements to ones she feels are more appropriate.

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With Cassie out of town, Tara is in charge at Bell, Book and Candle. It’s an especially busy weekend so Brandon offers to give Tara a hand. Martha stops in looking for Cassie’s help with her latest ailment. Brandon tells her that Cassie’s out of town, but her assures her that his time living with Cassie has given him some useful insights. He thinks some spearmint tea will help her and offers to fill her a bag while she browsesthe shop. While browsing, Martha finds an oddly-shaped, weathered wooden box. Inside the box are a series of oddly shaped compartments. Despite the obvious curiosity, Martha has no need for the box and decides to move along.

Nick and Grace hang out by the lake when their neighbor Cara walks up. She invites them to join her and her friends at Turtle Point. Nick tells her that Turtle Point is closed but Cara says that makes it perfect, because that means no adults can crash their gathering. Nick agrees to meet Cara in 30 minutes with a promise that they will be back by dinnertime. As Cara leaves, Grace suddenly gets a signal on her phone. As she tries to send a text message, Nick tries to grab her phone. The two begin to fight over Grace’s phone and it slips out of their hands and into the lake.

Later in the day, Cassie arrives home with dinner and finds Nick and Sam playing video games. She asks for help in the kitchen but Nick and Sam are completely immersed in the game. Just then, the video game freezes and Sam decides to take a break and head into the kitchen to help Cassie. Afterwards, Nick sneaks out to Turtle Point with Cara, only to be disappointed when he finds out that Cara also invited her boyfriend on the excursion.

At Grey House, Abigail is busy playing matchmaker for her guests. She sends Bryce and Annie to a jazz concert in the park, while she sends Corinne and Daniel to the bistro. At the bistro, Stephanie seats Daniel and Corinne at a private table, as per Abigail’s recommendation. At first glance, Stephanie is surprised that the two aren’t dating. But later, when Abigail stops by to check in on the would be date, she finds that her plan has been a disaster and the two have nothing in common.

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Highlights - Nick's Gone Missing - Good Witch

Back at the lake, Sam starts a fire so they can grill hot dogs for dinner. Just then, Gina runs up and asks if Sam can check on her husband, who tripped and twisted his leg at their house. As Sam departs with Gina, Cassie asks Grace if she knows where Nick went. Grace tells her mom that she has no idea. Grace then offers to drive to the store to pick up cereal for the morning. In reality, she plans on using the car to go look for Nick. Cassie plays along and tells Grace to be careful. Out at Turtle Point, Cara, her boyfriend and their friends decide they want to leave to get food. As they leave, Cara’s boyfriend says that they are short on life jackets, so Nick will have to stay behind. With his ride gone, Nick is abandoned on the island with no way home.

Dismayed by her earlier attempts, Abigail is determined to make a love connection while she’s in charge of Grey House. Meanwhile, Corinne takes a walk downtown and finds her way into Bell, Book and Candel. Corinne immediately notices the weathered box that Martha had eyed earlier. She tells Brandon and Tara that she had a similar box when she was a little girl. She reveals that she used the oddly shaped compartments to store her dolls clothes. Corinne is so drawn to the briefcase she immediately buys it.

Highlights - Standing Together as Siblings - Good Witch

Back at the lake, Grace uses her map to find a back road to Turttle Point, where she finds Nick sitting alone in the dark. When they arrive back at the lake house, Grace tells Nick that she won’t tell their parents about Nick’s trip to Turtle Point. He appreciates her willingness to cover for him. They walk into the house and find Cassie and Sam at the table waiting for them. To their surprise, Cassie and Sam only have a few questions about where they were and let Gace and Nick go off to bed without any punishment. Once the kids are gone, Sam asks Cassie if they are going to let the kids get away with covering for each other. But they both realize that the two are getting along and Cassie tells Sam that it’s what brothers and sisters do for each other.

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At Grey House, Bryce, Annie and Ella arguing over the terms of the merger. Abigail tries to play peacekeeper, but it is too late and the three decide to call off the merger. The next morning, Abigail brings all of her guests to the bistro for breakfast. While dining, Ella reveals that the box she bought reminded her why she wanted to design clothes. The memory reminded her that she always wanted to design kids clothes. Bryce then acknowledges that he realized he’d been unreasonable in his demands. With their cards on the table, the group agrees to bury the hatchet and move forward with the merger.

Back at the lake, Sam, Cassie, Nick and Grace are getting ready to leave. Despite not getting to spend any time together, they have all grown a little closer from the experience. As they try to decide where to stop for lunch on the way home, Cassie suggests something simple. The all gather together around the campfire and cook hotdogs, finally getting the chance to enjoy time together as a family.

In Middleton, Cassie and Grace arrive back at Grey House as the weekend guests are departing. Cassie immediately notices the connection between Bryce and Annie and recommends a place for them to grab lunch. The two look at each other, smile and agree to check it out. Just then, Cassie notices Corinne and Daniel talking together and suggests they head to the brewery for some live music. The two look at each other, smile and agree to go. Abigail is impressed and realizes that she should have trusted Cassie’s intuation.

Highlights - Game Night at Last - Good Witch

Later that night, Nick and Sam come to Grey House for dinner. As they talk about their weekend together, Cassie points out that they never got around to playing charades. They all decide to play right then and the family spends their evening playing charades together.