Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Do The Right Thing

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At the café, Brandon brings over the federal prosecutor to talk to Derek.  They relay that Ashley is actually Heather – a woman on the run from testifying against her fiancé who was laundering money. Meanwhile, at Grey house, Cassie informs Mr. Beemish that Heather has left town. He tries to leave an envelope of cash for her, in case she returns. Cassie encourages him to take it with him, that he will encounter someone in need on his journey home.

Race day has arrived. Stephanie asks Sam if he will be attending the ball that evening, and Sam says he just may join in the fun. Ryan is prepping for the race when both Sam and Cassie greet him, but he abruptly leaves when he sees his ex-fiancée Annie and husband Mark walk in. Cassie discloses to Sam who the couple is and why Ryan left so quickly.

Back at the house, Sam tries to talk Nick into attending the ball with him that evening. Nick asks for his video games back and when Sam refuses, Nick turns down Sam’s invitation to the dance.

At the café Cassie apologizes to Ryan about the race. Ryan conveys how distressed he is at having seen Annie and Mark – that he was not expecting them to be there. Cassie suggests Ryan forgive them so that he can move forward. He refuses.

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