Do The Right Thing

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At the café, Brandon brings over the federal prosecutor to talk to Derek.  They relay that Ashley is actually Heather – a woman on the run from testifying against her fiancé who was laundering money. Meanwhile, at Grey house, Cassie informs Mr. Beemish that Heather has left town. He tries to leave an envelope of cash for her, in case she returns. Cassie encourages him to take it with him, that he will encounter someone in need on his journey home.

Race day has arrived. Stephanie asks Sam if he will be attending the ball that evening, and Sam says he just may join in the fun. Ryan is prepping for the race when both Sam and Cassie greet him, but he abruptly leaves when he sees his ex-fiancée Annie and husband Mark walk in. Cassie discloses to Sam who the couple is and why Ryan left so quickly.

Back at the house, Sam tries to talk Nick into attending the ball with him that evening. Nick asks for his video games back and when Sam refuses, Nick turns down Sam’s invitation to the dance.

At the café Cassie apologizes to Ryan about the race. Ryan conveys how distressed he is at having seen Annie and Mark – that he was not expecting them to be there. Cassie suggests Ryan forgive them so that he can move forward. He refuses.

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Sam and Cassie debate anger and forgiveness. Sam shares with Cassie that his ex-wife had an affair with her Pilates instructor, and that as a result of the affair he divorced her.

In town, Annie and Mark run into Ryan and ask him how long he is going to stay upset. They ask about Cassie - are she and Ryan dating? He lies and says yes. At the Bell, Book and Candle, Ryan asks Cassie to be his date at the ball, and confesses that he told Annie and Mark that the two of them are a couple.  Cassie is confused, and Ryan backtracks, telling her that he will go and let Annie and Mark know the truth. As he is about to leave, Annie and Mark walk in and offer their congratulations to the two of them. Cassie plays along and grabs Ryan’s hand.

Mr. Beemish stops by a women’s shelter on his way out of town to make a donation. As he is about to leave, Heather emerges from the elevator. When they return together to Middleton, Cassie is relieved to see them. Mr Beemish tells Cassie that he ran into Heather at the shelter, and that he is looking forward to the opportunity to help her.  Heather wants to know why Mr. Beemish showed up at the shelter, and how he knows what her real name is. She is shocked to hear that he is actually her grandfather! Later in the evening, Heather explains to Derek that she has decided to testify and do the right thing.

Grace goes to see Nick and tells him to ask their friend Amber to the dance—she is interested in him.  He defers because he can’t dance, so Grace offers him a lesson, but Nick is hesitant to slow dance with Grace. Nick confides in Grace that once when he was eight he said no to a girl when she asked him to dance, and she hit him. She promises not to share his secret. Finally Grace gets him to stand up, and the two begin dancing. Just then, Anthony walks in and sees the two of them together, and they jump apart.

At the café, Ryan and Stephanie discuss his attending the ball with Cassie. Stephanie believes there is a little truth in this big lie - the one about Cassie and Ryan being a couple.

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Martha visits Cassie with news that due to a gas leak the country club has been shut down. The ball will need to be cancelled! Cassie suggests they move the location to Grey House, which she had started preparing for a weekend wedding. Martha is thrilled.

Ryan and Stephanie are preparing appetizers in the Grey House kitchen when Mark stops in. He knows it is a long time coming, but he apologizes and says he is glad that Ryan has found happiness with Cassie.

Upstairs, Grace and Cassie talk about beauty and attraction, and Grace lets Cassie know that dad would want her to be happy. Heather appears and thanks Cassie for welcoming her back to Grey House. Cassie loans her a lovely evening dress for the ball.

Nick arrives at the ball, and starts dancing with Amber. Anthony arrives as well and wants to know what is going on between Grace and Nick. Grace claims nothing, but Anthony does not believe her. On the stairs, Anthony walks past Amber and Nick with a sly grin. Nick wants to know why he is smiling, and Anthony says he made a promise to Grace not to share what she knows. Nick is furious at having been betrayed.  Later in the evening, Nick confronts Grace about having spilled his secret to Anthony but she promises she did no such thing.

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At the dance, Ryan sees Cassie and gives her flowers, but Cassie seems unsure. Annie confronts Cassie about the truth of her relationship with Ryan; she no longer believes the two of them are dating. Cassie wants to know why Annie seems to care so much about the answer.

Mark introduces himself to Sam, and lets him know he is in town on business. In fact, he is trying to turn one of Ryan’s real estate clients into his own. After Sam shares what he knows with Ryan, Ryan confronts Mark about trying to steal away his developer client-- he has lost this game, and Ryan is over all of it.  Ryan forgives him so that he can move on, and lets Mark know he has been caught and that he should go. Middleton is his hometown, and he is not welcome there anymore.

Meanwhile, Sam stops in the kitchen to visit Stephanie, who has been cooped up catering the event. She agrees to a dance, and is impressed by his moves.

Annie approaches Cassie and tells her that she does not care about Ryan. Ryan interrupts them and Annie declares that she knows they are not a couple. Cassie says she is wrong and, in front of the whole room, kisses Ryan!  Afterward, she turns back to Annie and asks, “Together enough for you?” Later, Ryan thanks Cassie for teaching him about forgiveness, for the kiss, and for everything else. She is a good friend.

Sam and Cassie talk in the kitchen, and then head out to the ballroom for one last dance with Stephanie and Sam, respectively. Ryan asks if maybe they should try dating for real. Cassie leaves the request without an answer, at least for now.