Day After Day

Sam and Cassie are enjoying ice cream and talking about how despite all the obstacles from the evening, they are having the perfect date and share in a romantic kiss.

The next morning, both Jim joins Cassie in the kitchen for tea. They are interrupted when Annabel enters to announce the company both she and Jim are trying to work for is about to make a decision; they will need one more night at the house.

Back at the flower shop, Abigail is still trying to cancel her carnation order and, like clockwork, a new delivery arrives. When she snaps at the deliveryman, he reminds her just how much joy her flowers bring to people. Martha chimes in that Abigail’s chocolates bring joy to people, too. Abigail looks around at children stopping to smell her flowers and smiles, realizing that the humdrum of her daily life is more valuable than she realized. When she tells the deliveryman she will see him tomorrow, he responds that Abigail isn’t on his call sheet. Abigail is relieved that she might really get a brand new day. She also notices her broken clock is finally working!

Grace is doing homework at the bistro and tells Stephanie she is a little disappointed in her “B” that she got on that day’s exam. Nick shows up with pride because of his “A.” Grace realizes her mistake of not studying, and agrees to work harder with Nick for their upcoming math exam.

A beaming Jim shows tells Cassie that he received a job offer. It wasn’t the job he was interviewing for, but a different one in Seattle more suited for him. Just then Annabel walks in—she turned down her own offer in Middleton, since the town wouldn’t offer her anything better than she already has. But after reading a book in the Grey House library, she came to the conclusion it was time to move back to her hometown of Seattle to be closer to her family and friends. Jim is pleasantly surprised by this announcement, and Annabel tells him she would be happy to show him around. Before taking off, both want to know where they can find the tea that Cassie has been serving. She tells them it is from a valley not too far from Seattle, and it’s a great place to spend a long weekend getaway.

That evening, Sam joins Cassie at Grey House. He still can’t believe all the ways their first date went wrong. He just wanted to let her know how much he cares for her. Cassie already knows, and the two share a kiss.

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