Sunday July 28 8:00 PM / 7:00c
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Day After Day

Cassie welcomes two new guests to Grey House. The strangers, Annabel and Jim, are both in town for job interviews, and to their surprise, they are competing for the same job! After some friendly bickering, Cassie ushers both inside to help get them settled in their rooms.

Later that evening, Cassie gives Jim a tour of Grey House and they run into Annabel. Jim starts to pry on how her job interview went and the two continue their bickering. Sam gives Cassie a call, hoping their coffee date is still on, and she tells him she would prefer to stay at the inn to look after her two guests. Sam understands. When he hangs up, he takes a look at the romantic dinner setting he had made for Cassie and tells Stephanie he will just have to pull off the surprise some other time.

The next morning, Cassie sees Grace off to school and is surprised when a cab pulls up to Grey House. Jim and Abigail both get out. Both of their flights have been canceled and they’ll each need their rooms back. Cassie happily obliges.

Meanwhile, at the flower shop, Abigail is surprised when another shipment of carnations comes in, especially because she received an order the day before, which Martha purchased.

While Sam is grabbing coffee, Stephanie tells him she is ready to help plan another surprise for Cassie at the bistro. Stephanie says this Thursday will be the special day and she will decorate and make Cassie’s favorite foods. Sam is on board, and when he later meets a violinist during a medical exam, he asks to have her and her quartet play for Cassie on Thursday as well.

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