All in the Family

Stephanie stops by Sam’s office with a coffee. When he reveals that this is his first break all day, Stephanie tells him that he needs a receptionist! She asks if he would like to spend another evening together, and Sam suggests dinner. Stephanie happily agrees.

At Grey House, Lori, Grace and Cassie talk over dinner. Cassie pulls out an old compass of Jake’s and passes it to Grace. Grace is confused by the gesture and claims she is “not lost.” Why would she need his compass?

A young woman steps off the bus arriving in Middleton. She passes by Sam’s office and at first Sam thinks it is Cassie, but she is, in fact, Abigail - Cassie’s cousin. Sam walks her to Grey House, and Cassie hugs her cousin.  Lori and Grace come out and greet her as well. Abigail explains that she got a new cell number, and has been very busy at work in New York. She claims she had so much vacation time that the company insisted she use some; that this was a great time to come and visit. Cassie seems dubious of her story.

Grace asks if Lori wants to talk. Lori confides that she has a history with Abigail. It is easy to get caught up in her personality, and she warns Grace to proceed with caution.

In the kitchen, Grace is trying to get Cassie’s permission to go with a group of friends to see an R rated movie. Cassie denies the request, and tells Grace not to be in such a hurry to grow up. Grace proclaims that she is not a baby and huffs her dissatisfaction. Abigail goes to comfort her.

At the Bell, Book & Candle Ryan stops in to see Cassie and mentions their kiss at the ball.  They debate what their relationship is, and what it could be. Ryan offers to take her to dinner, just as friends. He shares that maybe to move forward, they need to go back.

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