All in the Family

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Stephanie stops by Sam’s office with a coffee. When he reveals that this is his first break all day, Stephanie tells him that he needs a receptionist! She asks if he would like to spend another evening together, and Sam suggests dinner. Stephanie happily agrees.

At Grey House, Lori, Grace and Cassie talk over dinner. Cassie pulls out an old compass of Jake’s and passes it to Grace. Grace is confused by the gesture and claims she is “not lost.” Why would she need his compass?

A young woman steps off the bus arriving in Middleton. She passes by Sam’s office and at first Sam thinks it is Cassie, but she is, in fact, Abigail - Cassie’s cousin. Sam walks her to Grey House, and Cassie hugs her cousin.  Lori and Grace come out and greet her as well. Abigail explains that she got a new cell number, and has been very busy at work in New York. She claims she had so much vacation time that the company insisted she use some; that this was a great time to come and visit. Cassie seems dubious of her story.

Grace asks if Lori wants to talk. Lori confides that she has a history with Abigail. It is easy to get caught up in her personality, and she warns Grace to proceed with caution.

In the kitchen, Grace is trying to get Cassie’s permission to go with a group of friends to see an R rated movie. Cassie denies the request, and tells Grace not to be in such a hurry to grow up. Grace proclaims that she is not a baby and huffs her dissatisfaction. Abigail goes to comfort her.

At the Bell, Book & Candle Ryan stops in to see Cassie and mentions their kiss at the ball.  They debate what their relationship is, and what it could be. Ryan offers to take her to dinner, just as friends. He shares that maybe to move forward, they need to go back.

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At Sam’s office, Abigail stops in to thank him for walking her to Grey house. She offers him a coffee and when he declines, she answers his phone and steps seamlessly into the role of receptionist.

Stephanie is looking for a commitment potion at Cassie’s store. Cassie thinks that although Sam is still hurting over his divorce, she offers Stephanie a perfume of orange blossom, patchouli and honey, which was Cleopatra’s fragrance of choice. Cassie warns Stephanie that it is potent, and to use it with discretion.

Abigail is at the café when Stephanie comes to her table. Abigail compliments her on her perfume – and Sam walks in. Immediately there is tension as Stephanie realizes he is at the café to meet with Abigail. He announces that Abigail is his new receptionist and Stephanie gives him a minute to “decide” on his order, but there’s an underlying meaning to her words.

Sam and Abigail sit down together and he is surprised how dressed up she is. She claims she is depressed and needs someone to talk to. When he asks why she doesn’t turn to Cassie, Abigail claims she is that Cassie is too perfect at everything and she can be intimidating.

Martha and Ryan review Ryan’s new listing—a beautiful, large white home called Keating House--and Ryan tells her he has a developer interested in tearing it down and building six high end townhomes. One issue is that the property is currently zoned for a single family. Martha is excited and ready to help to see about getting zoning requirements updated.

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Sam and Cassie meet up by their mailboxes and commiserate about the difficulties they are each having with their teenagers. Sam comments that Abigail has been a help at the office, and Cassie warns him that she can be a handful. He tells Cassie he can handle her, but Cassie tells him to make sure that Abigail doesn’t handle him.

At home, Grace walks into the kitchen alongside Abigail. She is dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket, dark eyeliner and heels. Cassie tells her she can’t wear that to school and Grace balks. Abigail tells Cassie that she is feeling a strong connection with Grace, and to ease up on her. Cassie can’t loosen her grip because she is the only one left to set limits for her daughter.

Stephanie stops by Sam’s office with muffins. Sam thanks her and she and Abigail face off a bit about their jobs and Abigail’s future in Middleton.  Sam and Stephanie are still on for their date night at a French restaurant.

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Grace and Anthony meet up outside of school. Anthony apologizes about Nick and the dance; he just wanted to bug Nick.  He agrees to help with Grace’s history project and is glad their friendship is on the mend.

Abigail walks in on Lori at work, and the conversation gets tense. Lori tells her she needed more of a balance of work and family, which is why she moved back to Middleton.  They argue about their shared history and it is obvious how hurt Lori is. Later, Abigail meets up with Grace, who is disappointed about Cassie nixing her movie plans. Abigail offers up something more fun than the movie. Grace is intrigued.

Lori sees Grace and Abigail involved in some sort of plan. Cassie is in the kitchen when Grace tells her that she is meeting Anthony at the Bistro café to help her with her project. Cassie wants to spend time with her after their separate evening plans, but Grace turns her down. A worried Cassie seems to know something untoward is afoot.

At Sam’s office, there is an accident when a file drawer falls onto Abigail’s ankle. Sam needs to take her to the hospital for an x-ray. Abigail says no, that she does not want Sam to miss his date with Stephanie. He tells her it is more important to get her checked out first. She smiles and it is clear that she has engineered this accident. Meanwhile, Stephanie waits impatiently at the restaurant, visibly disappointed.

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Before Cassie heads out for the evening, Lori offers to pick up Grace from the Bistro cafe at 10:00 and Cassie is grateful.  After telling Anthony she has other plans, Grace leaves the café and later appears outside of a coffee house. Alone and out after dark, she searches for Abigail to no avail.

Ryan and Cassie enjoy dinner together. They talk about the future of Keating House, and Cassie wants to know if Ryan thinks new development is the best option.  He says it is all about the money; it’s just business. Cassie disagrees. Sam shows up very late at the restaurant to find Stephanie is long gone, so he shares dessert with Ryan and Cassie.

Later, Lori goes to pick up Grace and Anthony tells her that she doesn’t know where Grace has gone. Grace is still waiting outside in the rain, but finally enters the coffee house alone. A surprised Nick sees her, and tells her she should go home, that this is not her crowd.  Grace is defiant and holds her ground.

Ryan drops Cassie at home, and Cassie immediately senses something is wrong. Lori worriedly relays to Cassie that she can’t find Grace, and her phone goes right to voicemail.