All Dressed Up

Cassie has made a checklist for the wedding, which includes finding a dress and Sam finding the right tuxedo. She has already asked Abigail to do the flowers, who has agreed to take the job.

At the Bistro, Noah lets Nick know he got accepted to Fordham in New York City on a full ride scholarship for baseball. As a reward for the big news, Stephanie brings Noah his favorite dessert on the house. Nick asks if Noah has broken the news to Grace about his big move. He hasn’t, because he doesn’t know what to say.

Back at Grey House, Grace finds a mystery envelope taped to the back of a desk. Inside are letters from Elizabeth Merriwick to her parents talking about her impending marriage to the love of her life, Andrew. Cassie tells the story of how Elizabeth’s parents disapproved of Andrew, so she had to give her wedding dress away to a Fiona Netherton and elope. Grace wants to know where the wedding dress is today.

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