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All Dressed Up

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Cassie has made a checklist for the wedding, which includes finding a dress and Sam finding the right tuxedo. She has already asked Abigail to do the flowers, who has agreed to take the job.

At the Bistro, Noah lets Nick know he got accepted to Fordham in New York City on a full ride scholarship for baseball. As a reward for the big news, Stephanie brings Noah his favorite dessert on the house. Nick asks if Noah has broken the news to Grace about his big move. He hasn’t, because he doesn’t know what to say.

Back at Grey House, Grace finds a mystery envelope taped to the back of a desk. Inside are letters from Elizabeth Merriwick to her parents talking about her impending marriage to the love of her life, Andrew. Cassie tells the story of how Elizabeth’s parents disapproved of Andrew, so she had to give her wedding dress away to a Fiona Netherton and elope. Grace wants to know where the wedding dress is today.

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Martha leads Cassie to the city’s archived records, where she hopes to find out more information about Fiona Netherton’s wedding from almost a hundred years ago. Martha also tells Cassie she needs to know the precise year that she was married in order to find more details in the census records. Martha inquires about the wedding planning and Cassie says it is going very smoothly. As the women continue to talk, Cassie sifts through old newspaper clippings and stumbles across Fiona’s wedding announcement and a photo of her in the wedding dress. The announcement also mentions that Fiona married a Jason Powell, so now Cassie is even closer to finding out what happened to the dress.

Phil finds Abigail walking back to Grey House and fills her in on his bad day at City Hall. Turns out there is a long list of forms from businesses wanting to be re-zoned, and Phil’s application will go at the bottom of the pile. Abigail tells Phil that he should believe in magic more.

Liam and Sam stop by Cassie’s shop, where she finds out the news about Noah’s scholarship. Liam also tells Cassie that Noah will be moving right after graduation to start his baseball practice. Cassie is surprised that Noah hasn’t broken the news to Grace yet.

Cassie discovers that Fiona’s daughter Agnes lives in Middleton and pays her a visit. She meets Agnes and her husband Walter at their house to talk more about Fiona. Agnes shows Cassie a photo from her own wedding 62 years ago, wearing the same dress her mother wore. Agnes tells Cassie that the dress has since been passed down to her granddaughter but is unsure if she still has it packed away.

Noah stops by Grey House to fill Grace in about his move to New York. Even though she is still unsure on her plans after high school, Grace tells Noah they can maintain a relationship using technology and will make it work.

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Liam runs into Stephanie at the art gallery with her date, Paul. The gallery has an exhibit featuring James Covell, an artist whose work Cassie introduced Liam to at her shop.

Abigail stops by the City Hall to check on Phil’s zoning paperwork and finds Martha in a pile of papers. Abigail encourages the mayor to open up the window for some fresh air and a big breeze whishes in, causing the paperwork to fly in every direction. Abigail helps her collect the papers and puts Phil’s application at the very top. Martha sees it and is delighted someone wants to re-zone the Old Mill. She immediately signs her approval and hands it to Abigail to deliver to Phil. Abigail then heads for the Old Mill and surprises Phil with the re-zoning paperwork. Now he has one final stop in getting the City Council to approve his purchase.

Grace tracks down Noah and tells him she has circled down the dates where they can reunite while he is in New York City. He tells her to circle down May 2nd because it is a big exhibition game that he would love for her to attend. The date also falls on prom night. Grace pauses, then says she would love to be there to cheer him on.

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Cassie tracks down Agnes’ granddaughter, Rachel, a music teacher, and introduces herself. Rachel says her grandparents told her about Cassie’s visit the night before. Cassie asks Rachel if she still has the wedding dress that her grandmother gave her and Rachel says she doesn’t; she gave it to her husband’s cousin to wear. Rachel takes Cassie’s number and says she will do her best to track down the dress. Before leaving, Cassie takes the time to compliment one of Rachel’s students on her harp-playing.

Phil walks Abigail to her shop and she surprises him with a present: a book about the beauty and hidden architectural gems of the Pacific Northwest. Phil has to leave town and take care of some business, but promises Abigail he will be back soon.

Stephanie is on another date to see her favorite author, Christopher Riley, and once again, is surprised to see Liam, who is in line for the book signing, as well.

Cassie tells Sam that she was so close to tracking down the dress but turns out the dress was handed down, again. Now the name she was given is Karen Zarish, but nobody seems to know where Karen is today. Cassie has her last known address so she and Sam agree to pay the house a visit.

Grace runs into Stephanie at the consignment shop, where she is taking back her prom dress because she will be going to Noah’s game instead. Stephanie points out what a beautiful dress it is and Grace agrees.

Martha fills Abigail in that since she approved the re-zoning of the Old Mill, a bidding war has opened for the vacant property. Martha is fine with Phil re-submitting a higher offer, in the meantime. Stephanie interrupts to say the Old Mill is haunted by an old lady’s spirit and nobody else will want to purchase it if they find out.

Cassie and Sam stop at Karen’s last known address only to find a house under construction. A neighbor approaches the couple to let them know that Karen and her husband moved after the fire and they lost everything, which probably includes the wedding dress.

Martha shows the Old Mill to some potential investors and Abigail stops by to tell them that the property is haunted. The potential investors are surprised that Martha never let them in on the detail of the rumored haunting.

Sam checks in on Cassie back at Grey House. She is still sad about the wedding dress, but has made other decisions about the wedding. After visiting Karen’s old house, she decided on the flowers she wants for the big day, as well as choosing to have a harpist to play the music. Cassie also wants the two of them to write love letters to one another on the day before they get married, then to read them aloud on their first wedding anniversary.

Abigail fills Martha in that the investors are still interested in the Old Mill and want to tear it down to build condos. Cassie reminds Abigail that the city council still has to approve of the final offer.

After getting advice from Nick about long-distance relationships, Noah begins to second guess his relationship with Grace. When he finds some alone time with her, Noah tells Grace not to put her life on hold because of his move, this includes skipping out on the prom. Grace promises Noah she will still go to the prom with friends. Noah warns Grace that when he leaves, a lot will change.

Abigail crashes Martha’s private city council meeting and begs for five minutes alone with the mayor, who obliges. Abigail presents Martha with a photo of a bird carving that was found in a beam of wood and explains that it was located in the OId Mill. The carving was a trademark of the famed architect Franklin Potts. This now makes the Old Mill a historic landmark that cannot be torn down and turned into condos. Abigail is thrilled with the news, because that means Phil will win the bidding war.

Liam runs into Stephanie at the theater bar while waiting for a classical guitar performance. He asks about Paul and Stephanie lets him know that the two have cooled their relationship. Liam and Stephanie are interrupted by Liam’s date, Krista, who surprises Stephanie with her appearance. Stephanie watches as the two head into the theater to get their seats.

Back at the flower shop, Phil and Abigail meet up to each share some news with one another. Abigail tells Phil that Martha approved his application. But Phil didn’t expect for his deal to go through, so he already purchased a space for his headquarters in Portland, Oregon. He says the move will be what is best for his growing company and he will be leaving Middleton the next morning. A dismissive and visibly hurt Abigail brushes Phil off and begins working on her flowers.

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Sam and Cassie take the time to trim their guest list and discover they each wrote down a lot of the same names. That makes their guest list a lot smaller than originally planned, and now they are ready to send out the invitations. Grace walks in upset and Sam takes it as his cue to leave. Grace tells her mom that she spoke to Noah and is now planning to go to prom as planned. Cassie says they should go back to the consignment shop and see if they can find the dress she dropped off.

Grace and Cassie head to the consignment shop to hunt down Grace’s prom dress. Grace ends up finding the dress, and right behind it is Cassie’s elusive Elizabeth Merriwick wedding dress!

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