A Perfect Match

Later at Sam’s house, Grace stops by to talk with Nick. While there, Nick tells Grace that he knows what she’s doing. Grace tries to tell him she’s not planning anything but Nick’s figured out what’s behind Grace’s plan to push Nick to hang out with Katy. Katy’s father is still in London and the distance is hard for Katy to deal with. Nick believes Grace wants Nick to realize that if he goes to London, he’ll miss his dad too. Nick angrily tells Grace that just because she can’t leave her family doesn’t mean he’s the same. Grace snaps back telling Nick she’ll leave when the time is right for her. Nick tells her that he’s sure she’ll make sure the time is never right for her.

The next day at Bell Book and Candle, John arrives to talk to Cassie about the dig in the Maldives. He asks Cassie if she’s given any more thought to taking the job. Cassie knows that it’s the opportunity is a lifetime, but since she isn’t a trained archeologist, she wouldn’t feel comfortable leading the dig. Unless John can hire someone with practical experience, Cassie is not sure she can accept the job. John tells her that the dig isn’t just about what they would find and that she shouldn’t let the opportunity pass her by.

Later in the day at the bistro, Ben finds Stephanie immersed in sample cake designs. The daunting task has Stephanie worried that she’s in way over her head. Ben then calmly offers to help. He tells Stephanie that while he doesn’t look it, he’s not unfamiliar with the kitchen. Inspired to help Stephanie, Ben takes off his coat and prepares to bake.