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A Birthday Wish

Cassie is about to close up the store for the evening when Martha comes in looking for a map of historic Middleton. Once she finds the map, Martha realizes it might be a bit older than what she was looking for. Sam surprises Cassie by bringing in boxes for her to help pack old inventory to make room for new arrivals. When Sam kisses Cassie before departing, Martha points out to Cassie that it definitely appears she and Sam have gotten closer.

Back at the hospital, Sam greets a guest: his good friend Liam from New York. Liam is looking at a possible job in Middleton and will stay with Sam during his visit. Sam is happy to tell Liam about the new woman he is dating, and Liam looks forward to meeting her.

Cassie has a moment to catch up with Grace and wants to talk about her upcoming birthday. Grace is pleasantly surprised when she finds the Merriwick Wish Book under her pillow, which has been passed down for hundreds of years to every Merriwick girl when she turns a certain age. Grace is so happy to flip through the book, especially when Cassie tells her the pages are filled with the wishes of the girls from generations before. Before she can read the book, Cassie takes it back and says Grace has to wait for her actual birthday. In the meantime, she tells Grace to think about her own wish, because once it is written in the book, it will come true.

The next morning, Abigail tells Grace she is the one who snuck the Wish Book into Grace’s bedroom. She’s excited for Grace to flip through the book, even if that means waiting until her actual birthday.

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