A Birthday Wish

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Highlights - Grace's Wish - Good Witch

Cassie is about to close up the store for the evening when Martha comes in looking for a map of historic Middleton. Once she finds the map, Martha realizes it might be a bit older than what she was looking for. Sam surprises Cassie by bringing in boxes for her to help pack old inventory to make room for new arrivals. When Sam kisses Cassie before departing, Martha points out to Cassie that it definitely appears she and Sam have gotten closer.

Back at the hospital, Sam greets a guest: his good friend Liam from New York. Liam is looking at a possible job in Middleton and will stay with Sam during his visit. Sam is happy to tell Liam about the new woman he is dating, and Liam looks forward to meeting her.

Cassie has a moment to catch up with Grace and wants to talk about her upcoming birthday. Grace is pleasantly surprised when she finds the Merriwick Wish Book under her pillow, which has been passed down for hundreds of years to every Merriwick girl when she turns a certain age. Grace is so happy to flip through the book, especially when Cassie tells her the pages are filled with the wishes of the girls from generations before. Before she can read the book, Cassie takes it back and says Grace has to wait for her actual birthday. In the meantime, she tells Grace to think about her own wish, because once it is written in the book, it will come true.

The next morning, Abigail tells Grace she is the one who snuck the Wish Book into Grace’s bedroom. She’s excited for Grace to flip through the book, even if that means waiting until her actual birthday.

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Sam stops by Grey House to drop off another empty inventory box for Cassie and lets her know he really wants her to meet Liam while he is in town. Later on, Liam stops by Cassie’s shop looking for directions, not putting two and two together that she is Sam’s girlfriend.

That evening, Cassie is surprised to find that a new guest at Grey House, Constance, has rearranged all the cupboards. Cassie reminds her that she is on vacation and she needs to relax. She requests Cassie give her a cupboard for her own ingredients so she can make her own meals. Later, Constance discovers an old recipe catalog that she would love to work with. She sends Cassie out with a shopping list for ingredients she will need and Cassie obliges.

Martha calls Grace into her office to present her with a foundation rock for her birthday. This rock will help her establish her presence in Middleton, forever. All Grace has to do is write her name on the bottom of the stone as a way of leaving her mark on the town. When Martha attempts to show Grace where her own foundation rock is located in the park, they run into Cassie. She’s delighted to hear about Grace’s honor from the mayor and looks forward to catching up when Grace gets home. Unfortunately, Martha can’t find her rock and tells Grace she needs to think long and hard on where she’ll place hers.

Grace stops by the Bistro, and Stephanie invites her to the day spa as a birthday present. Abigail overhears the invite and wants in on the fun. When Stephanie walks away, Abigail asks Grace if she knows her wish, yet. When Grace says she is still thinking of it, she asks Abigail what her wish was, only to have her dodge the question. Grace says she will just find out when she opens the book on her birthday, and she will find out what her mom’s wish was, too. Abigail is shocked and tells Grace that Cassie has no wish in the book. She was in foster care when it was her time to make a wish, so she never had the chance to write one down.

Highlights - Be Careful What You Wish For - Good Witch

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Stephanie, Abigail and Grace are at the spa for Grace’s birthday treatments. Abigail questions if the birthday girl is having fun and she is honest and says she feels badly that she is not spending her birthday week with her mom. Abigail assures her that she and her mom will have plenty of time to spend together on her actual birthday. The Wish Book becomes a topic, and Grace presses Abigail to tell her what her wish was when it was her turn. Abigail confesses she wished for her high school crush to ask her out, and she ended up going to prom with him. Abigail says the guy turned out to be a big jerk, and they never went out again afterward. Grace points out that she got the wish she wanted, and Abigail wonders if she always goes after the wrong things. In fact, maybe Abigail is supposed to be looking for something else altogether.

Martha is at the park searching for her Foundation Rock when she runs into a kindergarten teacher and her students. Martha suggests that the students go on an exploring adventure throughout the park to help find her rock. Later on, Martha lucks out during her search and discovers the rock, herself!

On Grace’s birthday, she tells her mom that she finally wrote down her wish. Just as Grace is about to ask about Cassie’s wish, her friends burst into the kitchen and whisk Grace away on a birthday adventure. After their day filled with fun, Grace tells her friends she wants to go home and spend the rest of her day with her mom.

Sam meets Liam at a microbrewery, and Liam has a big announcement: he is the new owner of the bar and is moving permanently to Middleton! While there, Sam runs into Abigail and he introduces her to Liam. Sam says the two should get to know each other, considering they are now both business owners in Middleton. The two exchange pleasant smiles.

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Constance is ready to depart Grey House, but before leaving, she thanks Cassie for providing her a place to relax and helping her learn the importance of taking time for herself. She promises she will be back. After she departs, Sam stops by to introduce her to Liam. Liam and Cassie share a laugh and tell Sam they met earlier when Sam stopped by her shop looking for directions. Cassie says she needs to take off to celebrate Grace’s birthday but looks forward to getting to know Liam better now that he is moving to Middleton for good.

Back at Grey House, Grace and Cassie share a slice of birthday cake by the fireplace. Grace presents Cassie with her own Foundation Stone and says they can place them in the park together. Grace also brings out The Wish Book and says she knows her mom didn’t have the opportunity to make a wish in the book. Cassie is okay with that, because she wrote her wish down somewhere else. She brings out an envelope that she has kept in her jewelry box, and inside, the note reads, “A life filled with love.” Cassie tells Grace it is a wish that comes true every single day. Meanwhile, Grace’s wish in The Book reads, “A perfect moment with just me and my mom.” Her wish has come true, too!