Get a look at the Hallmark Channel holiday movies airing during this year's Countdown to Christmas!

Saturday, November 26
12a/11c: A Princess for Christmas
2a/1c: Hats Off to Christmas!
4a/3c: Window Wonderland
6a/5c: A Royal Christmas
8a/7c: Ice Sculpture Christmas
10/9c: Family for Christmas
12p/11c: Christmas in Homestead
2/1c: Broadcasting Christmas
4/3c: A December Bride
6/5c: My Christmas Dream
8/7c: A Heavenly Christmas - World Premiere
10/9c: A Christmas Melody

Sunday, November 27
12a/11c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
2a/1c: Merry Matrimony
4a/3c: One Starry Christmas
6a/5c: Window Wonderland
8a/7c: Christmas Incorporated
10/9c: Every Christmas Has A Story
12p/11c: Christmas Under Wraps
2/1c: A Heavenly Christmas
4/3c: Crown for Christmas
6/5c: A Christmas Detour
8/7c: Journey Back to Christmas - World Premiere
10/9c: Christmas List

Monday, November 28
12a/11c: A Bride for Christmas
2a/1c: A Boyfriend for Christmas
4a/3c: Matchmaker Santa
6a/5c: All I Want for Christmas
8a/7c: The Christmas Parade
10/9c: Home & Family
12p/11c: Home & Family
2/1c: One Starry Christmas
4/3c: Best Christmas Party Ever
6/5c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
8/7c: Once Upon a Holiday
10/9c: A Very Merry Mix-Up

Tuesday, November 29
12a/11c: 12 Gifts of Christmas
2a/1c: Just in Time for Christmas
4a/3c: It's Christmas, Carol!
6a/5c: Catch a Christmas Star
8a/7c: Hats Off to Christmas!
10/9c: Home & Family
12p/11c: Home & Family
2/1c: A Bride for Christmas
4/3c: A Christmas Melody
6/5c: A Heavenly Christmas
8/7c: Crown for Christmas
10/9c: A December Bride

Wednesday, November 30
12a/11c: A Wish for Christmas
4a/3c: The Santa Suit
6a/5c: Meet the Santas
8a/7c: Christmas at Cartwright's
10/9c: Home & Family
12p/11c: Home & Family
2/1c: Once Upon a Holiday
4/3c: Christmas Under Wraps
6/5c: Christmas List
8/7c: My Christmas Dream
10/9c: Family For Christmas

Thursday, December 1
12a/11c: Let It Snow
2a/1c: 'Tis the Season for Love
4a/3c: Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus
6a/5c: A Holiday Engagement
8a/7c: A Boyfriend for Christmas
10/9c: Home & Family
12p/11c: Home & Family
2/1c: Matchmaker Santa
4/3c: A Princess for Christmas
6/5c: Broadcasting Christmas
8/7c: A Heavenly Christmas
10/9c: Family for Christmas

Friday, December 2
12a/11c: Ice Sculpture Christmas
2a/1c: Window Wonderland
4a/3c: Baby's First Christmas
6a/5c: Finding Christmas
8a/7c: 'Tis the Season for Love
10/9c: Home & Family
12p/11c: Home & Family
2/1c: A Very Merry Mix-Up
4/3c: The Nine Lives of Christmas
6/5c: A December Bride
8/7c: A Christmas Detour
10/9c: A Perfect Christmas