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    Lip-Smacking Chicken Wings
    Lip-Smacking Chicken Wings
    Chef Judson Todd Allen is making this party favorite and pairing it with homemade fig honey sauce.
    Cheese Blintz Souffles with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce
    Cheese Blintz Souffle
    Lee Clayton Roper is making a mouth-watering souffle with a blue balsamic blueberry sauce.
    Banana Leaf-Wrapped Roasted Pork Shoulder
    Banana Leaf-Wrapped Pork Shoulder
    Chef Lee Anne Wong is preparing a mouth-watering pork dish with homemade marinade.
    Kahlua, Espresso and Chocolate Trifle with Candied Peanuts
    Trifle with Candied Peanuts
    Chefs Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts are making a decadent dessert with chocolate, espresso and kahlua.
    White Chocolate Raspberry Valentine's Cake
    Raspberry Valentine's Day Cake
    Chef John Kanell is baking a decadent dessert that will be perfect for Valentine's Day.
Home & Family is a daily, two-hour hosted lifestyle program at Universal Studios in California. The home features authentic indoor/outdoor spaces including a kitchen and dining room, various living rooms, and gardens. The show is an informative, lively and entertaining mix …all under one roof! Each two-hour episode will include a lineup of celebrity guests, chefs, designers, and even audience members – maybe even one plucked off the trams touring the grounds at Universal.
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