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DIY a Superbowl Man Cave w/ @paigehemmis & Daniel Kucan! Tune in FRIDAY 10/9c! http://t.co/FRR7po6DHu Jan 29 9:05 PM
Lost dog? TMRW we introduce the amazing @FindingRover app! Tune in 10/9c! http://t.co/uxgPWJ5c6S Jan 29 9:04 PM
To play or not to play? TMRW @mattiseman @MarkSteines @MattRogersUSA talk Pros & Cons of kids on the football field! http://t.co/GaSy93hWNt Jan 29 9:02 PM
You asked...so we'll answer! Tune in for an "Ask @cristinacooks" TMRW at 10/9c! http://t.co/c7L2Uhhq00 Jan 29 8:57 PM
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