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    Loaded Sweet Potato Fries
    Loaded Sweet Potato Fries
    Pace Webb is making a delicious plate of sweet potato fries with a spicy kick by adding peppers!
    DIY Barn Doors
    DIY Barn Door
    Guest host Colin Ferguson is putting together a beautiful addition to any living room, a stylish barn door.
    Shag Rug Cake
    Shag Rug Cake
    John Kanell of "The Preppy Kitchen" is baking a delicious and colorful cake with homemade buttercream.
    DIY Workout Bag
    DIY Workout Bag
    Orly Shani is keeping you stylish on your way to the gym with this DIY workout bag.
    Pan Roasted Red Snapper - Home & Family
    Pan Roasted Red Snapper
    Executive chef Daniel Gorman is making a delicious seafood dish and pairing it with crispy dirty rice.

Home & Family

Home & Family is a daily, two-hour hosted lifestyle program at Universal Studios in California. The home features authentic indoor/outdoor spaces including a kitchen and dining room, various living rooms, and gardens. The show is an informative, lively and entertaining mix …all under one roof! Each two-hour episode will include a lineup of celebrity guests, chefs, designers, and even audience members – maybe even one plucked off the trams touring the grounds at Universal.
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