We're Not Losing a Son...

It’s nighttime in the Upper East Side and Megan is preparing herself for bed. As she does, her computer suddenly pings, alerting her of an incoming video call. The call is from Kevin, telling her that he’s arrived safely at his newest deployment. Unable to give his exact location, Megan tries to guess what time zone he’s stationed in, but he tells her that those details won’t be important for much longer. Megan is puzzled but Kevin goes on to explain that he’s decided that this will be his last deployment. Kevin has a lot of reasons for making the decision but the reunion with his siblings was a key to him making this decision. Megan is overjoyed but before she can say more, the call breaks up and Kevin is gone.

The next morning in Chesapeake Shores, Abby is fast asleep when a tiny foot pushes against her cheek. She wakes to find her two daughters have snuck into her bed while she slept. Her daughters are a welcome surprise as she prepares for her first day at her new office. Shortly after, Abby walks downstairs smartly dressed in a blue Prada suit. Nell tries to get Abby to eat some breakfast but Abby passes, wanting to make sure she gets into the office early.

Elsewhere, Trace hops in his truck and drives off to work. As he does, he doesn’t notice the bright red BMW parked nearby. As Trace’s pickup pulls away, the door to the BMW opens, and out steps a beautiful woman, her wild hair falling onto the shoulders of her vintage leather coat. Bearing all the hallmarks of a new age hippie, she slings her duffle bag over her shoulder and heads for Trace’s cabin. As she makes her way up the walkway, Axel excitedly runs to greet the familiar face. Finding the front door unlocked, she walks in and gives the place a once over, while Axel makes himself comfortable in his dog bed, and they both prepare to wait for Trace’s return.

At her new office in Baltimore, Abby arrives so early that she finds herself standing outside knocking on the locked glass door. Del Granger, the office Manager, hears her knocking and escorts her inside while explaining that the staff usually don’t arrive for another two hours during the summer. As Del escorts her to her new office, he mentions that today is also casual Friday. Clad in her designer suit, Abby is hardly dressed for the occasion.

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