We're Gaining a Daughter

In her chambers, the judge gives both Abby and Wes the opportunity to make a final statement before she issues her ruling. Abby speaks up and acknowledges her mistakes before revealing that being together with her family, something that hasn’t happened in some time, has shown her what she and her daughters would be missing if they didn’t stay in Chesapeake Shores. Abby then promises not to do anything to keep Wes away from their daughters. Abby finishes her comments and the judge then prepares to give her ruling. She first admonishes Abby for her behavior and her decision to leave the state without notifying Wes. She goes on to say that Abby’s plan to move to Chesapeake Shores is a sufficient change in circumstances to trigger a new best-interest hearing. In the meantime, the girls will remain with Abby in Chesapeake Shores for the summer and both she and Wes will return for a new hearing on permanent custody in the fall.

Leaving the hearing with her family, Abby and her lawyer discuss the next steps. Barring Abby and Wes working out the situation together, they will have another hearing in the fall to determine which parent will get full custody. Stepping into the elevator, a voice calls for them to hold the door. Mick holds the door open as Wes and his attorney walk inside. The discomfort quickly rises in the small space of the elevator. Standing face to face with Abby, Wes explains that he wants to be a father and have a family. Since things didn’t work with Abby, Wes would like to try with his new girlfriend Gabrielle. The news hits Abby hard for all the right and wrong reasons. As everyone walks out, Abby stands in the elevator taking a moment to process all that’s just transpired.