We're Gaining a Daughter

Inside the hearing, Abby and her attorney sit across from Wes and his attorney. The hearing starts and the judge begins to pepper Abby with questions about her decision take the girls to Chesapeake Shores without telling Wes. Abby’s lawyer argues that Nell’s sudden illness was the reason for Abby’s abrupt departure, but both Abby and Wes know Nell got sick after Abby was already in Chesapeake Shores. Abby tries to explain the situation but the judge is interested in facts and not explanations. Sensing Abby’s angst, Wes, against his best interests, offers his own assessment of the situation saying he’s sure that Abby didn’t intend to violate their agreement and that the situation helped him realize how much he wants to be a part of his daughters’ lives. Before the final ruling can be delivered however, Abby’s lawyer has one final card to play. She hands the judge a petition that would grant Abby full custody. Unhappy about this last minute maneuver, the judge adjourns the hearing while she prepares her final ruling.

Back in Chesapeake Shores, Trace and Maggie, a friend and local real estate agent, walk through the grounds of an abandoned warehouse in town. Trace had spotted the property several days ago and has been thinking about putting in a serious offer. Unfortunately for Trace, a nearby microbrewery is also interested in the property and has begun negotiating the sale. Maggie can tell that Trace has a plan for the location but time is not on his side. As his friend, she feels obliged to tell him that with no income, even with a down payment, it’s not likely that the bank would approve Trace for a loan. Not even with his father working for the bank.

Meanwhile, in her Upper East Side apartment, Megan, Abby, Mick and Connor anxiously wait for the judge to issue her ruling. While they sit, Mick frantically calls anyone he knows that can give him any information about Kevin. Finally, one of Mick’s contacts calls him back and is able to tell him that Kevin is alive. Mick then relays to the family that Kevin was injured but they still don’t know the extent of the injuries. They do know that Kevin is being transported to a hospital in Afghanistan. Once Kevin’s stabilized he will be transported to Germany and then returned to an American hospital. The news is a welcome relief and the timing couldn’t have been better as Abby gets the call to return to court.