We're Gaining a Daughter

In the aftermath of the news that Kevin is missing in action, the O’Brien family does their best to cope. The military is still providing very few details on what happened to Kevin or where he may be. Adding to the family’s worries is Abby’s court hearing to determine custody of the girls. Elsewhere, Bree has taken a short trip back to Chicago, while Jess has agreed to help Nell watch the girls while Abby and Mick are at the hearing in New York.

Arriving in New York, Abby nervously prepares to enter the courthouse. Through the divorce and custody hearings, things between Abby and Wes have never been as bad as they are now. As Abby turns to walk into the courthouse, a voice calls out to her and she turns to see her mother running towards her. Abby is surprised to see her mom and even more surprised to learn it was her father’s idea that both he and Megan should be at the hearing to support Abby. As mother and daughter embrace, they hear a loud voice exclaim, “I’m crossing here!” Abby and her parents turn to find Connor yelling at a passing car. Dressed for court and looking to gain some real world legal experience, he smiles and eagerly escorts his family inside.

Back in Chesapeake Shores, Trace is loading his truck for work when Leigh pulls into his driveway. She’s there for one last attempt to convince Trace to return to Nashville and to his music career. She believes that Trace can put what happened before behind him and, with her help, return to making music and heal the wounds of the past. But despite Leigh’s pleas, Trace is unmoved and convinced that the path he’s chosen is the one he must follow.

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