Renewed for Season 5

Watercolors Wishes and Weddings

Jess and David have the official grand opening of the B&B, even if they have already “accidentally” opened. When Jess goes to fetch the scissors from the kitchen she discovers the engagement ring David bought. Mark returns to town and asks Trace to produce a few songs for Emma from The Bridge. Megan and Mick go shopping for painting supplies and she opens up about why she wants to paint now.

Bree celebrates the opening of her play with Hannah. She meets Brian, Hannah’s agent, who inquires who represents her. He is shocked to learn she has no one, and invites her to lunch to talk business. Kevin and Sarah budget out what it will cost to have kids and realize having a big family may be difficult on their budget. Jess and David are fined for having welcomed guest before their permit start date. The two decide to go to the town hall to see if they can appeal the fine.

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