The Royal Court

It is officially time for Carrie’s princess party and all the plans seem to go off without a hitch. Jess runs into her teacher and thanks her for the large book purchase. She in lets Jess know that the high school didn’t purchase the large order of books; it was David who bought them for the school, all $10,000 worth. Jess is shocked to hear of David’s extreme generosity, crossing off another stage in the book.

Bree runs to Jess and tells her that a publishing company just contacted her and want to turn her manuscript into a book. Simon who shopped it around in the first place. It dawns on Bree that she needs to call Simon and thank him.

Douglas approaches Abby and thanks her for inviting his daughter, Courtney, to the party. He also tells her he heard from the grapevine that Matt Fox dropped out of the land deal and his firm might be interested. She says she will relay the message to her dad. Wes shows up in time for the celebration and the girls run to his arms smiling. The party really kicks off when Mick unveils the beautiful castle photo op for the entire family.

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