The Royal Court

Jess worries about what Bree will say when she discovers the over-ordering of books. Instead, she is pleasantly surprised to see Bree in a good mood, because the local high school just ordered a huge amount of books, thanks to Jess’s former teacher. Bree points out that David and Jess make a good team and Jess is delighted because she gets to cross off another stage in her relationship book: Happiness.

Kevin surprises Gran, Meg and Mick with news of a big decision. He doesn’t want to be a doctor; he wants to be a paramedic. The family is not surprised, and in fact they are delighted with Kevin’s career choice.

Trace, Leigh and John are talking about the six record labels they were approached by, when Mark walks in and interrupts the conversation. He tells the band he is not there to pressure the band for a contract and before leaving, he gives them back their master recordings.