The Royal Court

Abby and Trace talk about the new popularity of the band. Trace maintains a level head and
tells Abby that despite what John and Leigh think, he is not ready to make any big career decisions. Abby offers up her support and thanks Trace for being by the girls’ side, especially for Carrie’s upcoming birthday party. Trace points out that he not trying to replace Wes in their lives but enjoys the time he spends with them.

Back at the bookstore, Jess has arranged a sidewalk book sale to try to get rid of the extra books she accidentally ordered. She and David are also trying to continue to get through all the stages of their relationship book. One of Jess’s former high school teachers stops by and Jess tries to persuade her to purchase the piles of books, but she politely declines.

Kevin meets Tom’s mom at her house and the two share in memories of Tom. Kevin breaks down and says Tom should be alive today. She assures Kevin that Tom was all about living and she is not in the mood to hear about how he died. She also tells Kevin that Tom would want his friend to keep living his life and stop clinging to the past.

Trace tracks down Mick to seek out some business advice about the band and how to avoid taking too big a risk. Mick points out that there is always risk involved and contracts are always a two-way street, but having a faith of heart is a good start.