The Royal Court

Back at the bookstore, a gigantic shipment of books arrives and Jess realizes that she didn’t follow her sister’s instructions when filling out the week’s order. Instead of placing her order for 100 books, Jess accidentally ordered 1,000! Jess immediately blames David for being a distraction while she was placing her order, but the two make-up soon after. Jess points out that this crosses off two more relationship stages from her self-help book.

Kevin and Bree arrive in Philadelphia to meet with Tom’s mother. While waiting for her to arrive at her house, the two begin talking about the book that Bree is writing. She confesses that it is about the O’Brien family, leaving Kevin feeling a bit uneasy about all their dirty laundry being published in a book.

Connor and Danielle grab a drink at the club, and he talks about just how much joy he is having working for his Uncle Thomas. Danielle jokes that maybe Connor is realizing that money isn’t everything. Trace shows up and Connor points out the club is certainly more crowded than usual. Their conversation is interrupted by a man representing a record label wanting to schedule a meeting with Trace. Trace takes the guy’s card and tells Connor that record labels and managers have been approaching him all night because of his video. Trace excuses himself to hit the stage with his band. Mark grabs a seat in the audience to watch them perform.

The next morning in Philadelphia, Kevin and Bree are unsuccessful at tracking down Tom’s mother. This gives the brother and sister some time to catch up. Kevin opens up about his second thoughts about being a doctor. He wants to know what his character does in his sister’s book and all she hints that he “figures it out.” Just then, the two are interrupted by a phone call from Tom’s mom saying she is back home and would be happy to see Kevin.