The Royal Court

Jess and David have agreed to watch over Wordplay while Bree is with Kevin. While at the bookstore, Jess gets her hands on some self-help books about relationships. One relationship book advises that the new couple have eight stages to go through in order to make it last and Jess is certain that they can complete all stages in just two days.

Back at the office, Abby has to tell her dad that one of his big development investors, Matt Fox, is pulling out of the deal. A confused Mick wants to know why and she tells him Matt felt uneasy about the way Mick caved in on his brother’s demands. Mick is determined to

confront Matt about this decision, but first he pays his brother Thomas a visit to discuss the deal.

Meg is busy promoting the city’s Art Walk which headlines the Trace Riley Band as entertainment. Back at the club, the band is rehearsing for the big event. They are interrupted by Mark Hall, all the way from Nashville, to tell the band that he wants a second chance to record with them. John and Leigh want Trace to consider a deal, but Trace tells Mark he is not interested. Mark says he heard that the band was looking for a big label after Trace originally said they were going to independently produce their album. Mark leaves and Trace immediately realizes that it was John who was shopping the band around to big labels without discussing with Trace first. John doesn’t regret shopping the band around, citing that he is ready to make money.