Renewed for Season 5

The Royal Court

Due to Abby’s work schedule, Trace gets her daughters up from school and teaches them a few lessons about performing on the stage. Abby picks them up at the club and expresses her gratitude for Trace stepping in. Abby asks Trace for an update on his recording, he says his viral video for “Freefall” has hit 800,000 views online but he is still staying level-headed about it. Their moment is interrupted when the rest of the band shows up to rehearse.

It is Carrie’s 10th birthday and the family gathers around the kitchen to celebrate. Abby wants to make sure Jess has the inn ready for the weekend celebration. She assures Abby she has everything under control.

John and Leigh approach Trace with trying for another contract in Nashville, especially since their song has become a hit online. Trace tells them emphatically no and walks away before discussing any further.

Kevin is getting ready to visit his late friend Tom’s mother in Philadelphia and asks Bree if she will accompany him on the trip. Bree is happy to join her brother. Kevin wants to let Tom’s mother know her son died a hero.

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