Secrets, Lies and School Supplies

Later that evening, the brothers and sisters gather around to discuss Megan’s return to Chesapeake Shores. Abby interrupts the bickering and tells Jess to stop blaming every single problem on their mother. Jess admits that a lot of her stress comes from everything going wrong at the bed and breakfast. Kevin suggests that Jess stop overthinking how to run the bed and breakfast the right way and instead, run it the Jess way.

The next day Bree catches Jess renting out her room at the bed and breakfast. It turns out Chesapeake Shores is a popular travel destination because of the lantern festival. Jess tells Bree she thought she was headed to Chicago, but Bree says she still doesn’t have a final date of departure. Jess tells Bree that she had to rent out her own room at the bed and breakfast, so the two sisters will have to bunk at gram’s in the meantime.

Later on at dinner, Mick asks how everybody’s day has been. Bree and Jess are still bickering over Jess renting out their rooms at the bed and breakfast. When Jess also announces that Megan is moving back to town, Mick is speechless.

Trace meets with the judge to go over his defense, and the judge is not impressed. Trace tells her that he doesn’t have a defense because he is fully at fault. She responds by presenting Trace a letter from John. The letter reads that even though it was Trace behind the wheel, he shouldn’t be punished. The accident could have been caused by any person in the car at the time. That the band was pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion and should not have been on the road. The judge reduces the charges to negligence and fines Trace $500 with time-served, to avoid any time in prison. The judge suggests Trace personally thank John for writing the letter.