Secrets, Lies and School Supplies

Abby bails Trace out of jail and he fills her in on why he was there to begin with. He tells her about the warrant for his arrest in Nashville, which was uncovered when he was pulled over for speeding in Chesapeake Shores. The warrant was for reckless driving, when he caused a car accident driving while sleep deprived, which resulted in the death of his friend, John. He doesn’t have time to go into much detail because he needs rush to the hospital to see his father, who is resting after his heart attack.

Back home, Mick is with Carrie and Caitlyn when Abby interrupts their breakfast to tell them she got called into work and can’t go back-to-school shopping. Mick says the back-up plan is he will take the girls shopping instead. The rest of the family joins them at the table, where Bree is still on cloud nine as she considers her move back to Chicago to accept her writer in residence program. She also assures the family that he will not be getting back with her ex, Martin, while there. The subject of Trace comes up and Abby immediately tries to silence the conversation. Carrie and Caitlyn leave the table to get ready for school and Abby explains to her siblings that she hasn’t introduced Trace to her daughters just yet.

Trace meets with his attorney and finds out that he is being charged with gross negligence for his part in the Nashville car accident that seriously injured his friend John. Leigh joins him to corroborate the story since she was also in the car with the rest of his bandmates. Trace now has to return back to Nashville to face a judge. Before heading out of town, Trace pays his dad a visit in the hospital.

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