Second Chances

On a busy sidewalk in town, Bree carries a box of books from her car toward what looks like a large mailbox with glass doors. The idea for a lending library was Bree’s, and with a little carpentry help from Trace, she’s now able to see her vision come to life. As she unloads boxes of books from the car, a handsome young man approaches her and asks about the lending library. Bree explains the concept and the two strike up a friendly conversation about writing and literature. Still reeling from her breakup with Martin, Bree is taken with the young man’s endearing smile and genuine interest in her passion for writing and literature. But while Bree is hoping to learn more about the handsome stranger, he’s late for his shift at Sally’s. As he heads into work Bree waves and tells him that she’ll see him later.

Nearby at the hardware store, Mick loads bags of mulch into his truck when Trace, passing by on the sidewalk, stops to talk to him. Still stinging from Mick’s surprise purchase of the abandoned warehouse, Trace asks if Mick that he was interested in the property. Mick acknowledges that he knew Trace wanted to buy the property, but Mick had his own plans for property and certainly didn’t feel the need to talk to Trace first. There’s not much else for Trace to say and he turns to leave. Just then, Mick asks what Trace had in mind for the property and Trace tells him about his idea for a music venue. To Trace’s surprise, Mick is intrigued by the idea and proposes that the two of them go into business together. Mick tells Trace that he wants the property to be something useful and, after he works out the deal with the bank, he thinks the two of them should talk more. Trace’s anger turns to confusion and a lingering question as to what Mick is really up to.

Back at Sally’s, at an outdoor table away from the other customers, Wes and Abby sit across from each other. Earlier Wes called Abby and begged her to meet him and she’s now eager for an explanation as to why. Wes takes a deep breath before telling Abby that an investigator from the Department of Justice may be contacting her. Abby tells him that the investigator already contacted her and that she still has no idea why. Wes then reveals that that the SEC is looking into a failed merger that involved Wes and his now ex-girlfriend Gabrielle. In an instant Abby realizes that Wes and Gabrielle were involved in a highly illegal insider trading scheme. Hoping to garner some pity, Wes tells Abby that he and Gabrielle have since broken up, but Abby is furious and could care less about Wes’ love life. Facing the loss of his license and with it, his ability to support his daughters, Wes sheepishly asks Abby if she will help support him financially. Abby is stunned by the situation she now finds herself in and can only ponder what this revelation means for her, her daughters, and the new life she’s trying to build.

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