Recap: Where or When? - Season 5 - Episode 8

Recap: Where or When? - Season 5 - Episode 8

Recap: Where or When? - Season 5 - Episode 8

Kevin and Sarah try to keep a secret while Bree discovers one from Luke's past. Evan whisks Abby away on a business trip, but his intentions are not what she originally thinks.

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It’s a bright new day for Kevin and Sarah with more than one reason to celebrate. They have a baby on the way and Sarah is now a lieutenant at the firehouse.

Later, Connor wraps up final adjustments for his office. He gets a phone call from Nell as she wanted to be the first to ring his new office. As he heads home for dinner along with Kevin and Abby, he has one more finishing touch for the new location. He puts up a sign that reads: Connor O’Brien Attorney at Law. Just as soon as the sign is up, it falls right down.

The next day, Abby opens mail at the office. In it there is an odd package for Mick – someone’s ashes! The urn is accompanied by a letter from the deceased asking Mick to spread the ashes over the Chesapeake Bay islands. Only one problem, the sender did not include a name. Soon after, Mick gets a call and learns the ashes were sent from Eugene. However, the name does not help as Mick is still drawing a blank.

Meanwhile, Megan is ecstatic over the arrival of Carter, an influential art critic and friend. He is going to help her show the importance of displaying Driscoll’s work.

Jess and David encounter a cranky guest at the B&B. He is upset the Wi-Fi is slow and the pats of butter at breakfast are too cold. After he heads off, Jess wonders with all the complaining why he is one of their regular guests.

At the station, Kevin drops off a gift for Sarah: tiny boots for the baby. He is dying to tell others about their good news. Sarah would like to keep it to themselves for now. Kevin urges her to at least consider telling the family.

Bree and Jess catch up with Abby at her office. They find it surprising she is traveling to Ohio to meet with Evan’s board. Jess thinks it’s a whisk away. Evan is whisking her away for a romantic getaway. Bree asks if it has occurred to Abby that Evan has feelings for her. They have all seen her and Evan together and the tension is palpable.

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As Mick ponders who Eugene was and why he trusted Mick with his ashes, Megan’s friend Carter arrives from New York. Nell and Mick can see the sparks flying between Carter and Megan. After Megan heads out for dinner with Carter, Mick and Nell agree they do not like Carter.

At The Bridge, Connor has an update for Luke. He checked into the possibility of getting him a new parole officer. Unfortunately, it is close to impossible. Luke is stuck is with his vengeful PO. Luke sneezes and blames it on allergies. He pops a pill and Connor takes notice. Luke thanks Connor for his help and states his intention to tell Bree the truth about his past tonight.

On campus, Jerome asks to see Bree in his office. Bree wonders if she is in trouble. Jerome says no, it is about Luke. He saw Bree dancing with Luke at the wedding and recognized him from high school. He wanted to warn her that Luke just got out of prison. Bree runs off and immediately confronts Luke at The Bridge. She is upset Luke did not tell her this information himself.

David finds Jess distressed. She found a bad online review for their B&B. It’s a brutal one-star review and Jess wonders if it’s the guest they encountered earlier. Jess responds to the reviewer promising to make up for the bad experience.

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Luke assures Bree he was going to tell her the truth about his prison time. He did not mention it sooner because he was afraid that Bree would look at him the exact way she is looking at him now.

Mick watches as Megan and Carter work together. Mick asks Nell if he thinks they may have a history. Nell imagines after 17 years in New York she must have had a history with someone. Nell encourages Mick to talk to Megan about it.

Back on campus, Jerome apologizes to Bree for the way he revealed the truth about Luke. He just wanted her to know what she was getting into. Bree does not think Jerome has the right to judge Luke.

Megan and Carter are happy to announce over a glass of wine that her Driscoll exhibit is cleared to open. Megan pulls Mick aside and admits she and Carter dated a long time ago. She realizes it may be time to talk about what happened during the years they spent apart.

Abby contacted the nursing home where Eugene died and got a copy of his obituary. Mick recognizes him immediately as Buzz. They both head over to Juicy Juice, and Mick shares he spent some of his happiest hours here. It used to be the Windjammer bar where Buzz was the best bartender on the east coast. He was a great listener, particularly the summer Megan left the family. Mick gets emotional recounting how he thought he had to be strong for the kids, but with Buzz he could unload and talk about anything. Mick is surprised Buzz knew his name, as he always referred to him as “margarita, salt, rocks.” Abby and Mick give a toast to Buzz with their juices.

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Evan makes a surprise appearance at Abby’s office. He is here to take her to the board meeting. She gets in the car and Evan instructs Mandrake, “To the helipad.” Abby is shocked, “Heli-what?” They arrive at one of Evan’s favorite getaway spots. He has something important to tell her. He feels they connected in a profound way and what he is about to say may seem sudden.

However, before he can finish, he excuses himself to take a call with a client. Abby calls Bree and Jess saying they were right; this is a whisk away. She needs advice. Before they can give any, Evan returns. He starts again to tell Abby something, but this time Abby stops him. Evan realizes Abby thought he was asking her out. He laughs and says no, he wants to offer her a job at his company. Abby is flattered but must say no even after a sizable offer. Evan respects her decision.

Jess tells David they have not gotten a response from their bad reviewer. She thinks the culprit may be a nearby hotel owner.

During her first class at the University, Bree explains to the students what it means to be creative. Luke stops by and watches. Bree asks everyone to write something telling her who they are right now. Luke takes a seat and completes her assignment. At the end of class, Luke turns in his paper. He’ll be outside if she wants to talk after reading it.

Later, after reading his paper, Bree finds Luke. He does not want to make excuses for why he went to prison but he wanted to share the truth. He gets a call from his parole officer reminding him that if he is late to his meeting he can go back to prison. Bree asks why he is running late; Luke admits it’s because he came to see her. Bree is touched and gives Luke a kiss.

Evan cannot get over her mistaking his job offer as a whisk away. However, he asks if this had been a whisk away, what did Abby think? Does she have any pointers? Abby admits hypothetically she feels whisked.

Later that night at dinner Megan is worried as Mick has not returned from his flight to spread Eugene’s ashes. She does not like it when he flies at night. She calls the airfield to check on him and learns air control lost radio contact with Mick.