Recap: What's New? - Season 5 - Episode 7

Recap: What's New? - Season 5 - Episode 7

Recap: What's New? - Season 5 - Episode 7

When Evan comes to the house, he throws out his back and must recover for a few days on the O'Brien couch, connecting him with the family in a way Abby never anticipated.

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At the O’Brien house, Abby explains to Megan and Nell how the unpredictable Evan pulled out of the hotel project. Just then, Evan shows up to drop off a wedding gift for Jess and David. He takes a moment to browse family photos before saying goodbye. While bending down to grab a photo Evan’s back starts spasming. It’s a chronic and debilitating condition. Nell insists Evan stay at their home until it passes.

Meanwhile, at the fire station Sarah gets big news. She has been asked to be the Lieutenant to the new fire chief. Kevin thinks it’s great as it’s more money and a step towards Sarah eventually becoming chief one day.

Sarah is not sure she is ready to be a leader and if she becomes pregnant, she will have to give it up. Kevin wonders if Sarah thinks taking the job means pushing their timeline for a baby.

Back at the O’Brien’s, Evan enjoys dinner from the couch, still unable to move from the back spasms. Abby wonders how he hurt his back in the first place. He shares it was an accident he was lucky to walk away from.

He apologizes for the awkward situation this has put them both in. He came to say goodbye after pulling out of the project and now, he’s stuck on Abby’s couch. Even though they have parted ways on the build, he feels they will be able to come to a fair deal.

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Kevin helps Connor with the clean-up of his new office space. Bree comes by with Luke to give a helping hand. Bree notices Kevin working a few things out with some aggressive demolition work. She wonders if something is going on. For now, Kevin would prefer to just break stuff.

Nearby, Luke shares with Connor that he has served time and he is planning to tell Bree. He also has a favor to ask. His parole officer is coming down way too hard on him and he wonders if Connor could help him get a new one.

Driscoll visits Nell and checks out Carrie’s latest artwork. Noticing Arthur’s interest in Carrie’s gift for painting, Caitlyn talks to Abby about finding her gift. Abby says it takes time to find it as it does not happen overnight. Seeing him on the couch, Caitlyn asks about Evan’s gift. Abby says his gift is always thinking. This prompts Caitlyn to pick Evan’s brain. Through the conversation, Caitlyn is inspired and empowered by Evan to make a video game.

Later at Connor’s new office, Kevin opens up to Bree about Sarah’s job offer and how it may mean putting off having a baby. Kevin is worried for the first time he and Sarah on not on the same page. Bree says marriage is about being on different pages but staying in the same book. Bree has a conundrum of her own. She no longer wants to juggle between Jerome and Luke and needs to find a way of letting Jerome down gently.

Later at the University, Bree breaks it off with Jerome. He is disappointed but understands timing is everything and is more than happy to keep their relationship professional.

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While on a walk, Jess asks Abby how things are going with Jay and what impact Evan spending the night is having on their status. Abby admits she has not told Jay about Evan staying with them as he thinks Evan has a thing for her.


Evan has drawn up settlement papers for Abby. He offers to have his driver Mandrake read them to her as Mandrake reads everything to Evan. Abby privately asks Mandrake if Evan is too lazy to read. He notes it’s quite the contrary; while most perceive Evan as lazy, he has worked very hard to overcome dyslexia.

Later as Caitlyn shows Abby her video game Jay arrives. He has some PTA information for Abby to review. Caitlyn asks Jay what his gift is. Jay says music - a surprise to Abby. He offers to give Caitlyn guitar lessons. After Jay leaves Caitlyn asks if Abby “likes” Jay.

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At the firehouse, Kevin asks Sarah if she has decided about the job. She is still debating her choice and will decide before the pancake breakfast the next day.

Jay gives Caitlyn a guitar lesson. Jay comes in the house for lemonade and finds Evan on the couch. Abby takes Jay out on the porch away from Evan. He plays her a beautiful song. Abby had no idea he was so talented. Jay says there’s a lot of things about him she does not know.

Back at the firehouse, Kevin is asked to help fix the pancake breakfast sign. Suddenly, he must head out for an emergency call. As he leaves Sarah approaches and offers to help fix the sign. She climbs up the ladder and starts adjusting it when suddenly, she faints and falls from the ladder.

Meanwhile, Megan gets a disturbing call from a friend with a gallery in Soho. They apparently hold ownership of Arthur’s collection and are just waiting until it is more profitable to put on display. The value usually goes up when the artists die. Megan refuses to let this scare her off her mission to put on a show to honor Arthur’s work – while he is alive.

Abby finds Evan up and well. He thanks her for the hospitality and if she signed the agreement to dissolve their partnership. She has and hands the documents to him. Evan takes it and rips it up. He no longer thinks of the excavation as an obstacle but an opportunity. He wants to build a museum with the found artifacts next to the hotel. He also asks if Abby is aware that Jay is in love with her.

Later at the hospital, Megan and Connor join Kevin to check on Sarah. Sarah is fine but she is so embarrassed that a minor task took her down so easily. The doctor clears her to go and says congratulations as Sarah is pregnant!