Recap: What a Difference a Day Makes - Season 5 - Episode 9

Recap: What a Difference a Day Makes - Season 5 - Episode 9

Recap: What a Difference a Day Makes - Season 5 - Episode 9

Evan finds himself wondering if he has feelings for Abby. When Luke is threatened with going back to prison, Connor sacrifices to help Luke and Bree.

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The O’Briens are concerned about Mick’s whereabouts as he has not returned home after taking his plane out to spread the ashes of an old friend. Kevin makes a few calls to the coast guard to find out if they’ve heard from Mick. Connor is nervous as a storm is rolling in – could Mick’s plane be caught in it? Nell assures the kids Mick will be fine. Suddenly, Kevin gets a call. The coast guard got a mechanical failure distress call from Mick but then lost contact. They have begun a search for him.

Bree puts on coffee as everyone awaits news. Nell checks on Megan to see if she needs anything. All Megan needs is Mick, saying, “I love him.” Kevin gets another call from the coast guard. They found Mick!

Later at the hospital the family finds Mick a little banged up but in good spirits. Megan embraces Mick and gives him a kiss. The kids take notice of their parents being so close.

Back at home Mick shares what happened. As he was spreading Buzz’s ashes, some fog rolled in and Mick had to put the plane down quickly. In other words, Megan says he crashed. She gets upset, telling Mick how scared they were he was gone.

The next morning Sarah finds the myth about pregnancy cravings is true. She is eating peanut butter by would love avocados to go with it. Kevin can help with that and offers to go get some avocados. Sarah feels bad they were not able to share the baby news with the family. Kevin admits it wasn’t the right time with everything going on with Mick.


Connor has lunch with Nell and seems frazzled. He needs support at his new office. Nell offers to help Connor until he hires someone.

Evan checks in on Mick having heard about the crash. Mick admits he heard something about Evan and the offer he made Abby. He is troubled Evan did not come to him first as Abby is his partner.

At Connor’s office Nell answers the phones. However, instead of diverting potential clients to Connor, she implores them to settle their qualms on their own. Connor overhears this, making his headache grow. He does not have the heart to tell his grandmother she is costing him business and instead pops a few aspirin.

Evan reviews hotel plans with Mick. However, Mick sees right through him, reminding him they don’t always have to talk business. Evan can just visit.
In fact, Mick asks Evan to join him for lunch. As Mick’s arm is broken, Evan offers to make them omelets. Mick uses the opportunity to learn more about Evan, including the fact he is an only child who was raised by a single mom. When Mick gets a call from the coast guard about his salvaged plane, Evan offers to go with him to collect it.

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At The Bridge, Luke enjoys coffee with Bree. His parole officer, Sullivan, arrives with bad news. Luke’s last drug test came back positive for amphetamines, meaning he may be heading back to prison. Luke is confused. He has never taken amphetamines. Bree assures they’ll fight this together. He is not going back to prison.

Evan is shocked to see the state of Mick’s plane. It’s clear from the damage Mick is lucky to be alive. Mick asks Evan to keep this to himself. Evan offers to buy Mick another plane. Mick is insulted by the gesture.


Megan prepares for the art show highlighting Driscoll’s work. Her friend Carter tells Kevin how proud he should be of his mother’s accomplishment in getting this show off the ground/ However, all Megan can think about right now is how happy she is Mick is okay. Kevin has something to tell Megan; perhaps about the baby? However, he stops short and just tells her he is proud of her.

Nell has scheduled a surprise interview for Connor. He is shocked to see Margaret walk in. She wants to help people not just make money. Connor hires her on the spot. As they get to work, Bree and Luke arrive. Luke needs Connor’s help.

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Connor hears out Luke and clears his schedule to help him fight the amphetamine allegation at his next parole hearing. He wonders if Luke has taken any medications. Connor remembers watching Luke take an antihistamine for allergies at The Bridge the other day. Those can sometimes create a false positive. Connor checks out Luke’s pills. Unfortunately, they are not the kind that would create a false positive. They’ll have to find another way to clear Luke.

Evan comes to Mick’s office to apologize for offending him earlier. Mick admits he was irritable as he recalled how terrified he was during the crash. Evan says it can take time to get over something like that and wonders if he wants to talk about it. Mick can tell Evan is speaking from experience. Evan shares that when he was 18, he was in a car accident with no seat belt on. The driver may have been drinking and did not survive. The accident messed up his back. Mick asks if he knew the driver well. Evan says yes. It was his mother.

Margaret opens the office and finds Connor asleep on the couch. It’s the day of Luke’s hearing and Connor looks terrible, and his head is killing him. He is out of aspirin and Margaret asks if he is okay.

Connor assures her that he’s fine and does not need to be mothered. There is good news: Luke passed his second drug test which could help his case.

Kevin delivers some chips and cream soda to Sarah, satisfying more of her pregnancy cravings. He talks to the baby and jokes about giving them a strong Irish name like Declan or Gulliver.

Connor and Bree meet at the courthouse. Connor inquires if Bree really likes Luke and if the relationship is worth the hassle. As they enter the courthouse, they find Luke and Margaret ready to enter the courtroom. Suddenly, Connor is hit by a dizzy spell and nearly faints. Margaret goes to the judge for a postponement as Bree calls for a doctor.

Evan admits after spending the day with Mick that his misses Abby. He wonders if Mick would be okay with him asking Abby out on a date.

Back at Connor’s office he fills Bree, Margaret, and Luke in on his prognosis. He says it was just a combination of too little rest and water. He’ll be fine if he hydrates. Luckily, Margaret was able to get an extension on the hearing. Before leaving, Bree admits Connor scared her. He assures her that he is fine, and they should go. After Bree and Luke leave, Margaret asks Connor what’s really going on. The truth is, he almost had a heart attack!

David gets a call from his father. He has run into a bit of bad luck and there will be some bad press coming out around him. He asks David not to believe everything he may hear.

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Margaret helps Connor relax by taking a yoga class. He is starting to feel better already and invites Margaret to join him at the Driscoll art show opening.

At the opening, Nell is excited for Arthur. She wants him to appreciate this moment. Arthur never enjoyed to the pomp and circumstance of the art world. He just wanted to paint. He agreed to the show for one reason: his late wife, Elaine, would have liked to see his work get one last hurrah. Nell asks what he would do if Elaine was here. He answers the question easily. He would dance with her.

Bree takes a moment at the art show to pull Margaret aside and find out what is really going on with Connor.

Margaret deflects, saying Bree is his sister and knows him better than she does. Bree’s not totally buying it as colleagues can sometimes know you better than anyone. She asks Margaret to continue taking good care of him.

Meanwhile, Jess can tell David is a little off. She asks what’s up and David admits his father’s call rattled him. Especially since at the end of the call he said, “I love you,” which he never does. He has not been able to reach him ever since.

Mick and Megan get a moment alone to talk. He realizes since the accident that Abby can handle the business on her own and he should take some time off. He’d like to travel around the world with Megan. She admits she would love that as they watch Nell and Arthur dance.

Nearby at the firehouse, Sarah and Kevin wrap up work. They prepare to head to the art show when suddenly Sarah passes out. Kevin rushes to her side but is unable to wake her up.